The Zoo Gift Shop Mystery Box is a premium limited time Mystery Box available during the Moe's Ark 2018 Event.

Prizes Edit

Item Chance of Winning* Item's Actual Price
Brandine 10% Donuts100
Ling Bouvier 10% Donuts110
Patches and Poor Violet 10% Donuts100
Sherri & Terri 10% Donuts150
Apu's Apartment with Manjula 10% Donuts160
Hootenanny Barn with Luke Stetson 10% Donuts100
Powers House with Laura Powers 10% Donuts150
Springfield Opry House with Mary Spuckler 10% Donuts150
STEM Conference Hotel with Brendan Beiderbecke 10% Donuts150
The Hungry Hun with Uter 10% Donuts160

* Chances vary if one or more items are already owned.

Gallery Edit

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