Zesty's or Zesty's Pizza is a restaurant that serves pizza and subs. It was released with the Level 30 update in May 2013, and is the second non-premium level 30 building, following Herman's Military Antiques.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Regular Jobs

Sunday Morning Homer

  • Wallow in Filth - 24h

Event's Quest Based Jobs

Adult Springfielders

  • Eat at a Restaurant - 4h (single use)
  • Overeat - 8h (single use)



  • The action when waiting for income from Zesty's is "Serving Same Stuff As At Luigi's" which suggests that this restaurant steals the recipes of Luigi's food.
  • It took 3 years and a half to have a character getting a task in that building, with the Homer the Heretic 2017 Event.
    • It doesn't count the Wise Guy's 24h job, which can take place in any restaurant.
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