Yellow Blues is a premium questline that is unlocked when a player builds The Happy Sumo. The quest centres around the premium character Akira and was released with the level 44 update.


Quest Requirements Time
Yellow Blues Make Akira Work a 24 Hour Shift
Make The Simpsons Family take Advantage of a Free Meal (x4)



Yellow BluesEdit


Character Dialogue
Akira Icon "Ah, Springfield! It is pleasing to return to you, where I can do and say things referencing the culture of Japan."

"I had feared I was trapped in yomi, the underground home of the dead in Shintoism. See, I'm doing it already."

Lisa Icon "It's terrific you're back, Akira!"

"Between you and me, Springfield has been looking awfully yellow lately."

Akira Icon "Is that comment... because I'm Asian?"
Lisa Icon "WHUUUUT?!"

"NO! No, I love races! And colors!" "In fact, rainbow is my favorite sherbet flavor."

Bart Icon "How could the color yellow apply to Asians? You're more pale than we are."
Lisa Icon "Bart! You're not helping."
Akira Icon "Even though I possess an awareness of racist ideas like "yellowface" and "yellow peril", when I look at my hands, I have to admit the boy is right."
Homer Icon "Hey, you can't use those terms! They're only for fellow yellows to use with each other!"
Akira Icon "Mr. Homer, I have acted dishonorably and brought shame to my ancestors, two ways of feeling that pop culture says are appropriately Japanese-y."

"To make amends, please bring your family to The Happy Sumo for a free dinner."

Homer Icon "Alright! Why let anger eat away at you when you can eat away your anger?"
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