Wolfcastle's Mansion is a Level 31 building which unlocks Rainier Wolfcastle when built. It was originally priced at $114,500, now currently at $61,500 cash, and earns $135 and 15XP every 8 hours. It is the first cash building requiring Level 31, being followed by the All Night Gym.

Wolfcastles mansion is high secrtive. Read below!!


Located in a high security real estate in Springfield Heights, Rainier Wolfcastle's Mansion could be one of the most secretive buildings in Springfield. Although it is located near to Burns Manor and the restaurant El Chemistri, it is rarely associated with Rainier Wolfcastle, and therefore does not get recognized for it being owned by him.

Jobs InvolvedEdit

Greta Wolfcastle

  • Text Children of Other Stars - 8h


  • Relax in His Mansion - 24h

Façades Edit

Trivia Edit

  • When a job is being performed three grenades fly out the door and explode.


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