Winter 2015
Winter 2015

December 8, 2015 - January 19, 2016

Winter 2015 Event was the eighteen major event released to The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It was released to all players on December 8, 2015, shortly after the release of the Springfield Heights Expansion (chapter two) update. It was the one hundred and sixth content update since the game's release, and the fourth of the Winter Events. With this update, Maggie was made available as a character, and Santa's Little Helper and Snow Monster were given a full set of jobs.

As usual, the event was divided into three acts, scheduled as following:

  • Act 1: December 8, 2015 - December 19, 2015
  • Act 2: December 19, 2015 - January 2, 2016
  • Act 3: January 2, 2016 - January 19, 2016

On December 23, Gil offered a short time deal of the Giant Snow Globe for 225 donuts.

Currencies[edit | edit source]

In this event, there were two crafting currencies, Baubles and Bows, plus each act has a Personal Prize currency: Festive Hats (Act 1), Mistletoe (Act 2), and Pacifiers (Act 3). Loyalty Stamps were a currency both generated at and used to upgrade the Hot Squishee Station.

To win the crafting currencies, players had to tap Merrymakers, complete the Weekly Challenges and open or give presents.

Merrymakers appeared in the player's town and when tapped, the player was rewarded with three Festive Hats (Act 1) or Mistletoe (Act 2) plus one Bauble. When visiting their friends' towns during Acts 1 and 2, it was possible to drop presents, up to 5 a day. When tapped, an option appeared to choose if you wanted to be naughty (keep the reward to yourself) or nice (share the reward). When opening a received present, those two options also appeared, with different outcomes depending on the side both players chose. There was no way to get more than 5 presents to drop per 24 hours, and the presents refreshed at the same time as the players Friend Point counter refreshes.

After the update released on December 24th, each Merrymaker gave three Baubles and the daily limit of presents was raised from 5 to 10.

The player could also send Youngsters to Buy Hot Squishee at the Hot Squishee Station. Each task took 4h and rewarded the player with 2 Loyalty Stamps (4 for premium characters). Those were used to upgrade the Station and extend the tap radius of the Merrymakers or Imaginary Bears.

In Act 3, Imaginary Bears now replace Merrymakers and give 8 Pacifiers when tapped.

Act 1[edit | edit source]

To win the Festive Hats, players had to tap Merrymakers, send characters on jobs to upgrade the Best Snowman Ever and the Gingerbread Mansion, and collect income from certain buildings, like the crafted Wooly Bully, the Duff Center Arena, and after completely upgraded, the Best Snowman Ever and Gingerbread Mansion.

Act 2[edit | edit source]

Act 2 was very similar to Act 1. To win Mistletoe, players had to tap Merrymakers, upgrade the Exotic Petting Zoo, Reindeer Burger Truck, Fortress of Lonelitude, and Moonshine Shack in the same fashion as the Best Snowman Ever and Gingerbread Mansion, and collect their income when fully upgraded, The Duff Center Arena and X-mas Trees Slightly Irregular also produced Mistletoe, as well as sending Sophie Krustofski and White Witch Burns on jobs. Each part of the main questlines also gave 100 Mistletoe.

Act 3[edit | edit source]

Act 3 is different from the other Acts. Instead of tapping Merrymakers, players have to tap Imaginary Bears (which when tapped generates 8 Pacifiers), and Presents, Crafting, Weekly Challenges got removed. To win the Personal Prizes, players have to complete the questlines, send Maggie on Jobs and collect Income from Premium Buildings. After completing The End of the Beginning, a new minigame is unlocked. Hot Squishee Station still provided increased tap radius, and could still be upgraded.

Naughty or Nice[edit | edit source]

Winter2015 Naughty or Nice Indicator.png

The Gonna Find Out Who's Naughty or Nice quest line introduced the player to the Naughty or Nice mini-game, which was the primary source for Bows, the other being some of the weekly challenges. Each day, every player received 5 (and only 5) presents to drop into their friends' towns. The player could drop them all in one town or spread them over 5 different towns. The number was increased from five to ten presents on Dec 26, 2015. Presents were replenished with the Friend actions. Clicking on a present in the player's own town received a friend's gift. Presents were 2x2 decorations that disappeared on click and gave the choice of Naughty or Nice. Many players reported the presents hiding behind other objects in the town and suggested going to the move screen and hiding buildings to find possible missing presents.

Delivering or receiving presents presented the player with a choice: Naughty or Nice. Nice players shared the Bows equally with the other player, whereas Naughty players attempted to take all the Bows for oneself. If both players chose Nice, both players received 15 Bows. If only one player chose Naughty, then that player received 25 Bows and the player that chose Nice received only 1 Bow. If both players chose Naughty, both received only 5 Bows.

While there was no way to know which friend gave you the gift before making the choice, all previous choices/exchanges with friends and their results were available by scrolling down below the Weekly Challenges on the Winter 2015 interface. The Naughty or Nice Results panel showed the player's overall statistics and the latest individual present results. The Leaderboard on the friend selection screen was given a temporary Naughty or Nice Leaderboard, which showed all results for the player's friends; a blue and red bar for each account'showed how often that player chose Naughty (red) or Nice (Blue). The total number of bows won for that account through the game was displayed to the right of the bar.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Main Quests Act 1 The Decoration Inflation · Gonna Find Out Who's Naughty or Nice · Effigy in White · Can't Catch Me I'm the GingerNed Man ·
Act 2 Once In Royal Quimby's City · The Animal Within · Holiday Mystery Meat · No Man is a Fortress · The Overproof of the Pudding · Oh Come, All Ye Vengeful · Burning Wreath of Fire · You Better Not Cry
Act 3 Seems to Be the Hardest Word · Play-Annoyed Grunt · The End of the Beginning
Side Quests A Day at the Laissez-faire · A Tale of Two Orphans · Babies in the Bathwater · Baby on Board 2: The Quickening · Barty It's Cold Outside · Do You See What I See? · Her Father's Googly Eyes · Out With the Old · Parental Guidance · Rest of Us for the Festivus · Son of Anarchy · White Privilege

New Content[edit | edit source]

All of the new content released with the Event. Some of the prizes listed may not be available again once the Event is over.


Name Cost/How to Unlock Available
Baby Gerald Pacifiers Currency Icon.png27400 Act 3
Dancing Reindeer Festive Hats11300 Act 1
Imaginary Bear Donuts35 January 19th - January 25th
Kearney's Other Son Pacifiers Currency Icon.png2700 Act 3
Ling Bouvier Donuts110 January 11th - January 19th
Lucille Botzcowski Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Act 3
Maggie You Better Not Cry Pt.1 or Play-Annoyed Grunt Pt.1 (If not previously obtained) December 23rd onwards
Mrs. Sinclair Pacifiers Currency Icon.png9600 Act 3
Patches and Poor Violet Festive Hats28850 Act 1
R.O.S.A The End of the Beginning Pt.20 Act 3
Sophie Krustofski Donuts110 December 16th - January 2nd


Name Cost/How to Unlock Available
Festivus CBG Mistletoe Currency Icon.png35250 Act 2
White Witch Burns Donuts60 Act 1


Name Cost/How to Unlock Available
Bear Cave Donuts 100 January 5 - January 19
Christmas Clams $50 a Pound Christmas Bows408 + Christmas Baubles778 Act 1
Fancy Igloo Christmas Bows227 + Christmas Baubles506 Act 1
Giant Outdoor Fireplace Christmas Baubles1095 Act 2
Giant Snow Globe Donuts225 December 23 2015-Jan 6 2016
Hot Squishee Station Auto, Barty It's Cold Outside Pt. 1 Whole Event
Ice Sculpture Couch Gag Scene Christmas Bows522 + Christmas Baubles714 Act 2
Land Octopus Pen Donuts35, Build Exotic Petting Zoo Act 2
Leftorium Express Festive Hats2200 Act 1
Lollipop Flowers Cash6500 Act 1 & 2
Marshmallow Tree Cash10000 Act 1 & 2
Murdered Snowman Cash30000 Act 1 & 2
New Year's Ball Out With the Old Pt.4 December 29 2015 - January 2 2016
Picture on a Rembrandt Mistletoe Currency Icon.png2850 Act 2
Pig of Paradise Pen Donuts 30, Build Exotic Petting Zoo Act 2
Slide Cash 8500 Act 3
Wooly Mammoth Pen Donuts 30, Build Exotic Petting Zoo Act 2


Name Cost/How to Unlock Available
Winter Festival Ticket Donuts90 Whole Event

Returning Content[edit | edit source]

Content that returned from the Christmas 2012 Event, Christmas 2013 Event or Christmas 2014 Event.


Name Cost/How to Unlock Available
Blocko Store Donuts30 Act 3
Egg Nog Bar Donuts60 Act 2
Fort Sensible Donuts65 Act 3
Helter Shelter Donuts60 Act 1
It's a Wonderful Knife Donuts150 Act 3
Santa's Workshop Donuts70 Act 2
Springfield Skating Rink Donuts85 Act 1
Stonecutter Daycare Center Cash250000 Act 3
Toy Workshop (with Little Helper Ralph) Donuts75 Act 2


Name Cost/How to Unlock Available
Annual Gift Man Donuts45 Act 2
Gino Underdunk Terwilliger It's A Wonderful Knife Act 3
King Winter King Winter's Cave Act 1
Shauna Donuts90 January 10 - January 19
Snow Monster Donuts70 December 26 - January 2


Name Cost/How to Unlock Available
Ebenezer Burns Donuts50 Act 2
Little Helper Ralph (with Toy Workshop) Donuts75 Act 2
Little Helper Ralph (alone) Donuts50 Act 2
Santa Flanders Donuts75 December 14-19
Stupid Sexy Flanders Ski Lift Act 1


Name Cost/How to Unlock Available
Bart Snowman Week 2 Day 5 Challenge Week 2
Burns Fever Snowman Donuts10 Act 1
Christmas Float Cash80000 Act 1 & 2
Festive Bell Lamp Post Week 2 Day 2 Challenge Week 2
Festive Bow Lamp Post (x3) Christmas Baubles78 Act 1
Festive Candycane (x3) Christmas Baubles96 Act 2
Festive Hot Drink Stand Cash1200 Act 1 & 2
Festive Lawn Angel Week 3 Day 2 Challenge Week 3
Festive Lawn Bell (x3) Christmas Baubles78 Act 1
Festive Light Plunger Donuts55 Act 1 & 2
Festive Nutcracker Week 1 Day 2 Challenge Week 1
Festive Wreath Lamp Post (x3) Christmas Baubles96 Act 2
Fever Cabin Donuts30 Act 1
First Ever Christmas Tree Donuts15 Act 2
Grampa Snowman Christmas Bows79 Act 2
Holiday Tree Donuts75 Act 1 & 2
Homer Fever Snowman Donuts10 Act 1
Homer Snowman Week 1 Day 5 Challenge Week 1
Ice Fence Cash500 Act 1 & 2
King Winter's Cave Donuts175 Act 1
Lisa Snowman Christmas Bows79 Act 2
Marge Snowman Christmas Bows80 Act 1
Murderhorn Donuts250 December 26 - January 2
Nativity Scene Donuts175 Act 2
Santa's Little Helper Snowdog Christmas Bows80 Act 1
Ski Lift Donuts150 Act 1
Snowball II Snowcat Week 3 Day 5 Challenge Week 3


Name Cost/How to Unlock Available
Christmas Apu's Apartment Donuts10 Act 1 & 2
Christmas Burns Manor Donuts15 Act 1 & 2
Christmas Compound Donuts10 Act 1 & 2
Christmas Crazy Cat House Donuts10 Act 1 & 2
Christmas Houseboat Donuts10 Act 1 & 2
Festive Wolfcastle Mansion Donuts10 Act 1 & 2
Festive Wolfcastle Mansion of Solid Gold Donuts15 Act 1 & 2
Christmas Sanjay's House Donuts10 Act 1 & 2

Personal Prizes[edit | edit source]

Christmas2015 Prize Track Indicator.png

After completing The Decoration Inflation, players pick up Festive Hats in Act One or Mistletoe in Act Two by tapping Merrymakers or Pacifiers in Act Three by tapping Imaginary Bears, doing tasks at seasonal attractions such as Best Snowman Ever, and completing seasonal quests. After collecting enough, the player unlocks personal prizes.

Act One

Prize Festive Hats to Collect
Leftorium Express Festive Hats2200
Springfield Orphanage Festive Hats5800
Dancing Reindeer Festive Hats11300
Virgil's Cabin Festive Hats19900
Patches and Poor Violet Festive Hats28850

Act Two

Prize Mistletoe to Collect
Picture on a Rembrandt Mistletoe Currency Icon.png2850
Abercrombie & Rich Mistletoe Currency Icon.png10250
Chocolate Shoppe Mistletoe Currency Icon.png19250
Buckingham Pay-Less Motel Mistletoe Currency Icon.png27450
Festivus CBG Mistletoe Currency Icon.png35250

Act Three

Prize Pacifiers to Collect
Kearney's Other Son Pacifiers Currency Icon.png2700
Mrs. Sinclair Pacifiers Currency Icon.png9600
Wall E. Weasel's Pacifiers Currency Icon.png17800
Baby Gerald Pacifiers Currency Icon.png27400

Bonus Gift[edit | edit source]

Bonus Gift Act 1.png

Like in many previous major events, players were able to get bonus Donuts once they had unlocked the last prize in the current prize track. Every 4000 subsequent prize currency they were presented with 3 boxes containing either one, two or three Donuts. The boxes worked similar to the ones from the Bonus Levels. However instead of the usual 50,000 Cash, players had to spend 150,000 Cash to open another box.

Craftable Rewards[edit | edit source]

Christmas2015 Crafting Indicator.png

The ability to craft returned from past events. Items from Act 1 disappeared at the start of Act 2, returned in an update on December 25, but then all items from both Acts 1 and 2 disappeared at the start of Act 3.

Weekly Challenges[edit | edit source]

Christmas2015 Weekly Challenges Indicator.png

During the event, challenges were set to players to complete them. Each week introduced five challenges. The player then had time until the beginning of the next week to complete all five challenges. If they did so, they were rewarded with 20 Donuts every week they complete all the challenges. The challenges could be accessed via the Tacky Festive Simpson House.

Week 1

Date Requirement Reward
December 7th Make Apu Stock Shelves with XMAS Goodies Christmas Bows300
December 8th Tap Merrymakers (x50) Festive Nutcracker
December 9th Drop Presents in Friend's towns (x5) Christmas Baubles200
December 10th Craft a Prize Christmas Bows200 + Christmas Baubles150
December 11th Make Willie Buy a Tartan Tam O'Shanter (x4) Homer Snowman

Week 2

Date Requirement Reward
December 14th Drop Presents in a Friend's Town (x5) Christmas Bows300
December 15th Collect 10* Loyalty Stamps Festive Bell Lamp Post
December 16th Craft a Prize Christmas Baubles200
December 17th Tap Merrymakers Christmas Bows200 + Christmas Baubles150
December 18th Drop Presents in a Friend's Town Bart Snowman

* only 5 are actually required

Week 3

Date Requirement Reward
December 21st* Craft and Place X-mas Trees Slightly Irregular* Christmas Bows300
December 22nd Make Martin Find the Perfect Christmas Tree** (x3) Festive Lawn Angel
December 23th Tap Merrymakers (x75) Christmas Baubles200
December 24th Make Cletus Harvest Termites (x4) Christmas Bows200 + Christmas Baubles150
December 25th Make Ned Find a Tree that Resembles Jesus** (x4) Snowball II Snowcat

* On December 22nd, EA fixed an issue with the December 21st Challenge for those who had previously crafted the building. Logging in gave credit if the building was previously crafted.
** The tasks are actually "Search for", while the challenge calls it "Find"

Week 4

Date Requirement Reward
December 28th Make Apu Buy Cheap Squishee Filler* (x4) Christmas Bows300
December 29th Make Springfielders Go Carolling (x6) Festive Lawn Bell
December 30th Drop Presents in Friend Towns (x5) Christmas Baubles200
December 31st Craft an Item Christmas Bows200 + Christmas Baubles150
January 1st Tap Merrymakers (x100) Maggie Snowman

* in contrast to what the weekly challenge screen shows, the job is actually called Buy Cheap Trees for Squishee Filler

Daily Play Combo[edit | edit source]

During the event, the Daily Play Combo rewarded event currencies instead of cash and mystery boxes.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Winter 2015 Event is the only event to use more than one splashscreen when loading the game.
    • The second splashscreen was introduced on December 24.
  • A teaser for this event was released on December 2, with the Springfield Heights Expansion (chapter two) update. The Proclamation of Decoration task was released in which the Tasteful Festive Flanders House could be unlocked. That questline continued with the event's launch.
  • The Wise Guy apparently plays one of the Bears in this event, as explained at level 60, when unlocking the Wise Guy.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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