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The Wiggum House is a residential building which unlocks at Level 26. It costs the player 45500 cash, and is required for the This Little Wiggy task chain. Upon completion of the building, the player will unlock Ralph Wiggum, Clancy Wiggum's son. From there, he will appear continuously in the rest of the questline. The Wiggum House was released in February 2013 along with El Chemistri and the level 26 update.


732 Evergreen Terrace is the home of the Wiggum family, which is located in the Pressboard Estates district of Springfield, near the Simpson House. It is next door to the Hibbert house.

Jobs Involved[]

Regular Jobs

Ballet Ralph

  • Spin All Day - 24h

Little Helper Ralph

  • Eat Yellow Snow - 4h


  • Swallow Coins - 4h
  • Celebrate His Birthday Again - 12h

Quest Based Jobs


  • Crash at Wiggum House - 12h


  • Christmas Wiggum House


  • The Wiggum House and level 26 were accidentally released in January 2013 along with the original Valentine's Day Update. The level 26 buildings were quickly removed from the game for a later release on February 14, 2013. Some of the players who received the level 26 update early were unable to play the game until its official release in February 2013.
  • It is different to the previous houses in the way that it does not have Income Tax as the building action.
    • Furthermore, all other houses display a gold cash symbol when they are ready to be collected but the Wiggum House displays a wad of cash. However, this was rectified with the release of the Squidport Expansion.
  • In the game files, the Wiggum House was originally going to be released during the Christmas 2012 Event. This is because an unreleased Christmas façade for the house was in the files but never could be put into the game. An image can be found above of the Wiggum House with decorations; it was retrieved from the games files, it was later released in the Christmas 2014 Event as one of the prizes upon completing an Elf Tunnel.
  • This house has the same front bushes than the Blue House and the same trash cans on the side that the Pink House. This house is also similar in design to the Blue House.
  • When someone does a job at the Wiggum house sirens turn on.