When Worlds Collide was a limited time questline that was released on November 5, 2014 during the Simpsorama Promotional. Progressing through it unlocks the Writers Building and Matt Groening. It was made permanent by February 2015.


Quest Requirements Triggered By Time
When Worlds Collide Pt. 1 Make Homer Struggle to Pronounce Matt's Name Reaching level 23 6s
When Worlds Collide Pt. 2 Make Homer Panic Homer 8h
When Worlds Collide Pt. 3 Build the Writers Building Homer 24h
When Worlds Collide Pt. 4 Make Matt Groening Correct the Pronunciation of his Name Matt Groening 6s
All Hail the Creator! Make Homer Purchase Snacks for the Writers Building Homer 24h
When Worlds Collide Pt. 5 Make Homer Get Menus From Local Restaurants Homer 4h
When Worlds Collide Pt. 6 Make Homer Hire PA's Matt Groening 6h
When Worlds Collide Pt. 7 Make Homer Go on a Coffee Run Matt Groening 4h
When Worlds Collide Pt. 8 Make Homer Hire a Writing Staff Homer 8h
When Worlds Collide Pt. 9 Make Matt Groening Correct the Pronunciation of his Name Matt Groening 6s
When Worlds Collide Pt. 10 Make Matt Groening Work at his Other Office Homer 12h
When Worlds Collide Pt. 11 Make Matt Groening Attempt to Erase Homer Matt Groening 24h


When Worlds Collide Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Matt Groening Phased Icon "Klaatu barada nikto!!"
"Sorry, I’ve just always wanted to do that to someone and this was probably the only chance I’d ever get"
Homer Icon "Are you a g-g-g-g-g-ghost?"
Matt Groening Phased Icon "What? No, I think we've had enough of those in this game already."
"I'm your creator."
Homer Icon "So you’re G-g-g-g-g-god?"
Matt Groening Phased Icon "No. I have a beard and walk around in a bathrobe a lot, but I’m not him either."
"I’m the creator of The Simpsons."
Homer Icon "You mean Matt G-g-g-g-g-g-groaning?"
Matt Groening Phased Icon "It’s pronounced GRAY-ning."
Homer Icon "Then maybe you should spell it that way."
Check out the Mutant Rabbit and its bizarre transformations, available until Sunday!
— In Game Message


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "So why are you here, Mr..."
"...uh. can I just call you Matt?"
Matt Groening Phased Icon "No."
"And I’m here because something wonderful is about to happen."
"Worlds are about to collide!"
Homer Icon "Like Earth is going to crash with Earth-2, annihilating us all?"
"That does sound wonderful!"
Matt Groening Phased Icon "No, The Simpsons is going to crash with one of my other creations, Futurama… annihilating TV – viewer boredom."
Homer Icon "You mean a crossover episode?"
"Ugh! Those things are always so awful."
Matt Groening Phased Icon "Yes, they are full of awe."
"And this will be the most awe-full crossover ever!"
Homer Icon "When is this going to happen?"
Watch The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Episode this Sunday at 8/7c on Fox.
— In Game Message

When Worlds Collide Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon *Shrieks*

When Worlds Collide Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "O Great Creator of Everything and Everything Around Us… if you can hear me, please answer my prayers."
Matt Groening Phased Icon "I can hear you, that you've stopped screaming. What is it you want?"
Homer Icon "For you to get rid of that crossover episode. Futurama had a great run, but it’s over now. Can’t we just let it go in peace?"
Matt Groening Phased Icon *sigh* I think I can fix things. But first I need you to build something for me."
Homer Icon "Of course, O great one! Is it an ark?"
"Because if so, I need to know what exactly the difference is between an ark and a boat."
Matt Groening Phased Icon "No. I need you to build something to bring me into your world."
Homer Icon "A super science time portal?"
Matt Groening Phased Icon "No. I need a-"
Homer Icon "A magic train to carry you here from your wizard school?"
Homer Icon "Oh. That’s disappointing."


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Okay, I Built the Writers Building."
"It’s old and crappy and doesn't have nearly enough offices for a show this size."
"Also I built a fountain in front and out fish in it, even though it wasn't made for that and most of them will die."
Matt Groening Icon "It’s perfect."

When Worlds Collide Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Matt Groening Icon "This Springfield seems different than the one I remember."
Homer Icon "That’s because I blew up the one you remember."
"This is a new Springfield, built from the ground up by a giant finger."
Matt Groening Icon "So this world was created with the help of others?"
Homer Icon "Relax, Mr. Greening — you still have “Created by” credit."
Matt Groening Icon "It’s GRAY-ning."

All Hail the Creator!Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Now that you’re back, Mr. GRAY-ning, can you use your writing powers to get rid of that crossover episode?"
Matt Groening Icon "I'd love to, Homer. But remember first I need you to finish the Writers Building."
Homer Icon "I put super-cheap air conditioners in all the windows. what more do you need?"
Matt Groening Icon "Snacks. Writers need energy..."
"...the kind of energy you can only get from a cabinet full of candy and a refrigerator full of sodas."

When Worlds Collide Pt. 5Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Okay, the kitchen’s stocked! And if we run out of anything, I’ll go to the store and buy exactly the same stuff..."
" that after a few restocking we’ll have extras of everything people don’t like, but not enough of what they actually eat."
Matt Groening Icon "Great. But writers can’t just live on snacks."
"We need to be able to order lunch, so that when it comes we can stop working for an hour..."
"and often longer."
Homer Icon "Can’t you just bring your lunch from home?"
Matt Groening Icon "What? No. We have to order out so that we can wonder all morning when lunch is going to get there."
"And then get mad if it doesn't arrive on time."
"It’s part of the creative process."

When Worlds Collide Pt. 6Edit

Character Dialogue
Matt Groening Icon "Thanks for the menus, Homer."
"I’m sure we’ll be cycling through these same small number of restaurants for years."
"Now all we need are some PA’s to take our orders."
Homer Icon "But we don’t have any PA's."
"Also, I have no idea what a PA is."
Matt Groening Icon "It’s a production assistant."
"Their job is to call in our lunch orders and pick up our food."
Homer Icon "Can’t we just call it in ourselves? Most of these places deliver."
Matt Groening Icon "What is this, not Hollywood?"
"I’m sorry, Homer, but this is just the way things are done."

When Worlds Collide Pt. 7Edit

Character Dialogue
Matt Groening Icon "So Homer, did you get us PA's"
Homer Icon "Yep. I hired a bunch of recent college graduates who could make a fortune on Wall Street but for some reason would rather do menial work for very little pay."
"So are you ready to write that crossover episode into non-existence?"
Matt Groening Icon "Almost. We just need a few more supplies."
Homer Icon "What? Pens? Papers? Dictionaries and Thesauri?"
Matt Groening Icon "No, coffee. I need you to go on a coffee run."
Homer Icon "Why a coffee run? We have freshly-made coffee right here in the coffee machine."
Matt Groening Icon "It has to be Starbucks."
Homer Icon "It IS Starbucks!"
Matt Groening Icon "We don’t drink the free coffee, Homer."

When Worlds Collide Pt. 8Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "All right, I"ve gotten all the things you need to write."
"And I've got to say, it would've been a lot easier if you just gave me the whole list to start."
Matt Groening Icon "Sorry about that. But I like watching you move around."
"Beautiful character design, if I say so myself."
Homer Icon "My eyes are up here, creep."
Matt Groening Icon "Unfortunately, as a TV writer, I still need on thing to properly do my writing..."
"...a room full of other writers."
Homer Icon "WHAT?! WHY?"
Matt Groening Icon "I can’t eat all this food myself."

When Worlds Collide Pt. 9Edit

Character Dialogue
Matt Groening Icon "Not a bad writing staff, Homer. Ho’d you find them?"
Homer Icon "It was easy. I just went to the same place I found the PA’s and offered more money."
"So as my kids say..."
"...are we there yet?"
"Are we there yet?"
Matt Groening Icon "Yes, Homer. We’re ready to begin the writing process."
Homer Icon "Thank God! Bless you, Matt Grow-ening."
Matt Groening Icon ...

When Worlds Collide Pt. 10Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Groaning, Greening, Grundig, Gopnick, Gehring..."
"I can’t get it right, because NO ONE CAN GET IT RIGHT!"
Matt Groening Icon "Homer, you’re a wonderful character."
Homer Icon "And that’s why you love me. That’s why everyone loves me!"
"I'm the amiable good, the id with a heart of super-ego. I’m your greatest creation ever!"
"And that’s why you have to destroy the Futurama crossover."
Matt Groening Icon "Oh, I will.
Homer Icon "So after spending days setting up your writing building, you’re finally going to do some writing?"
Matt Groening Icon "Yes."

When Worlds Collide Pt. 11Edit


Character Dialogue
Matt Groening Icon "You’ll be happy to know that I rewrote the Futurama crossover."
Homer Icon "Thank you, Mr. whatever! No one wanted to see those two worlds collide."
Matt Groening Icon "No, they didn't."
Homer Icon "Why did you look so sinister when you said that?"
Matt Groening Icon "Because I decided not to get rid of Futurama, Homer."
"I decided to get rid of you."
Homer Icon "Get rid of me? But it’s an episode of the Simpsons. You need me — I do the jokes."
Matt Groening Icon "I've got Bender."
Homer Icon "Well sure, he’s a lot like me...only a robot, and crazier, and his voice is all..."
"Oh God, you really don’t need me!"
Matt Groening Icon "No, and now it’s time to get rid of you forever."
Homer Icon "But this is my show, and my game. You can’t get rid of me just by writing."
Matt Groening Icon "Maybe not. But I’m not just a writer — I’m also an animator."


Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Haha, that was great — very Looney Tunes-y."
Matt Groening Icon "Thanks. And no hard feelings about the Bender over you stuff."
Homer Icon "Of Course. We all liked Futurama. Sorry about it being cancelled."
Matt Groening Icon "Eh, it’d been fourteen years. After that many years, any show has run its course."
Homer Icon ...
Matt Groening Icon "What was that?"
Homer Icon "I said:"
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