Vulgari Aspirations is the main questline for the Level 41 update.


Quest Requirements Triggered By Time
Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 1 Build the Vulgari Jewelry Store Moe 4h
Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 2 Make Bernice Pick On Marge Bernice 4h
Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 3 Make Bernice Shop the Day Away Bernice 24h
Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 4 Make Bernice Argue with her Husband

Make Chester Crash on Hibberts' Couch

Bernice 8h


Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 5 Make Bernice Drink at Moe's
Make Drunks Drink at Moe's (x5)
Bernice 8h
Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 6 Make Bernice Fall Off the Wagon Homer 12h
Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 7 Make Dr. Hibbert Organize an Intervention for Bernice
Make Springfielders Attend an Intervention for Bernice (x10)
Bernice 3h
Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 8 Maker Bernice Attend an AA Meeting
Make Drunks Attend an AA Meeting (x5)
Bernice  60m
Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 9 Make Bernice Make-Up with her Husband Bernice 60m


Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Moe Icon "Somethin' a matter, Doc? You look sadder than a caged panda."
"...not that I know what a caged panda looks like or anything. Hehe." *cough*
Dr. Hibbert Sad Icon "I'm lonely, Moe. What's the point of laughing inappropriately if you have no one to share it with?"
Moe Icon "How about a trip to the old red light district? Could be a solid choice for a man with an unlimited access to antibiotics."
Dr. Hibbert Sad Icon "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd rather just have my wife."
Moe Icon "Well, that's easy to fix! Do you know what she was doing when the town exploded?"
Dr. Hibbert Sad Icon "The same thing she was doing every day before the town exploded... spending my money."

Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Bernice Hibbert Icon "Some things never change. Even a nuclear blast couldn't make this town more interesting."
"There must be something I can do to amuse myself."

Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 3Edit

Character Dialogue
Bernice Hibbert Icon "This REALLY has been fun Marge. You always make me feel better."
Marge Icon "Thank you."
Bernice Hibbert Icon "I'm sorry. I mean you always make me feel better than you."
Marge Icon *annoyed murmur*
Bernice Hibbert Icon "But all this slumming has given me a craving for something expensive. Could you point me toward the nearest store you can't afford?"

Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Bernice Hibbert Icon "Darling, look at this bracelet I bought! At $5,300, it's a veritable steal."
Dr. Hibbert Sad Icon "Well, I hope you stole it. We cant afford any extravagant purchases right now."
Bernice Hibbert Icon "What?! WHY?"
Dr. Hibbert Sad Icon "I'm sorry, but business has been slow. For some strange reason all the people in Springfield are currently healthy."
Bernice Hibbert Icon "I'm sure you can find a way to make people sick. Lord knows you're making me sick right now."
If the player has Chester the following dialogue appears:
Dr. Hibbert Sad Icon "Woman! I have never heard you say anything so awful."
Bernice Hibbert Icon "My brother Chester is going to stay with us for a while."
Chester Dupree Icon "Whazzup, doc?"
Dr. Hibbert Sad Icon "I stand corrected."

Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 5Edit


Character Dialogue
Bernice Hibbert Icon "I'm FURIOUS! If Julius thinks he can just cut me off... HE'S GOT ANOTHER THING COMING!"
Moe Icon "Well, I won't cut you off. I never cut off anyone. That's what makes me a horrible bartender."
Bernice Hibbert Icon "Thank you. I'm just so tired of being told no."
Moe Icon "You're telling me. Even with my Magic 8 ball, all I ever got was "No" or "Ask Again Later".
"And then it gave me "Just Give Up Already." I didn't know that was an option."

Job startedEdit

Character Dialogue
Carl Icon "Word to the wise: Stay away from the ladies room. There's a family of raccoons living in there."
Lenny Icon "That or a family of very small burglars."

Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 6Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Wow Bernice, I never really liked you before."
"But then again, I never really drank heavily with you before."

Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 7Edit

Character Dialogue
Bernice Hibbert Icon "Ow... my head..."
Wiggum Icon "Consider yourself lucky I didn't throw you in jail. Instead I took pictures and posted them to SpringFace."
"You'd be surprised how much more effective law enforcement has become since the reintroduction of public shaming."
Bernice Hibbert Icon "Oh, I'm so embarrassed at my behavior."
Dr. Hibbert Sad Icon "Well, you're about to be a lot more embarrassed... at your very own very personal very public intervention!"

Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 8Edit


Character Dialogue
Bernice Hibbert Icon "I'm sorry sweetheart. I feel like I've let you down."
Dr. Hibbert Sad Icon "You didn't let me down, honey. You just shamed me and our family. And let me down."
Bernice Hibbert Icon "Will you forgive me?"
Dr. Hibbert Sad Icon "Probably not, but thanks to medical morphine, I'll forget."


Character Dialogue
Bernice Hibbert Icon "Homer Simpson?! I didn't know you finally acknowledged your alcohol problem."
Homer Icon "Alcohol problem? I just come here for the free donuts."
"I SAID I come here for the free donuts."
Here's a free donut!
— In Game Message

Vulgari Aspirations Pt. 9Edit

Character Dialogue
Bernice Hibbert Icon "I'm sorry I lost control and embarrassed us."
Dr. Hibbert Sad Icon "And I'm sorry I ran over the neighbor's dog and disposed of it in the lake instead of just telling them."
Bernice Hibbert Icon "What?"
Dr. Hibbert Sad Icon "It's nice to forgive each another."
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