Van Houten House
Milhouse Final



Level required

Level 8

Characters unlocked

Milhouse Van Houten


Cash35, XP4

Collection time

60 minutes



Time to build

24 hours

The Van Houten House is the house of the Van Houten family.

About Edit

316 Pikeland Ave. is the address of the house where Kirk, Luann, Milhouse & Milhouse's Dog live. It has a pink exterior and is down the street from the Simpson House. The house had to be sprayed for potato bugs at one point, forcing the Van Houtens to live with Milhouse's grandmother (ref: Bart Sells His Soul). Bart and his friends would later confiscate the tent being used to quarantine the house for his revival, when he believed himself to be a faith healer (ref: Faith Off).

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Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Fit Milhouse

  • Post Selfies to SpringFace - 60m
  • Order Unnecessary Fitness Gadgets - 4h


  • Dump Spoiled Coleslaw in Van Houten House - 10m


  • Make Mommy Meals for Milhouse - 60m
  • Relax in a Jacuzzi Suit - 12h


  • Hide Wet Bedsheets - 45s
  • Find Puppy Goo Goo - 10m


  • Dump Spoiled Coleslaw in Van Houten House - 10m

Event's Quest Based Jobs

Acorn Kirk

  • Look for His Pants
  • Argue - 6h


  • Argue - 6h


  • Argue - 6h
  • Painfully glue Kirk's Costume to his groin - 6h

Squirrel Luann

  • Cut up her Ghost Outfit - 2h
  • Argue - 6h
  • Painfully glue Kirk's Costume to his groin - 6h

Quest Based Jobs


  • Deliver a Valentine to the Van Houten House - 10m
  • Avoid Laura - 8h


  • Get an Overpriced Consultant - 12h

Façades Edit

Trivia Edit

  • When the Van Houten House is in use for a task (see Jobs Involved), the house will have an animation of the door opening and a RC car coming out and getting back in with the door of the garage.

Gallery Edit

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