Valentine's Day is the main quest from the Valentine's Day 2013 Event.


Quest Requirements
Valentine's Day Pt. 1 Send a Valentine to Other Springfields (x3)
Valentine's Day Pt. 2 Make Lisa Send a Valentine to Milhouse
Valentine's Day Pt. 3 Make Lisa Do Next Week's Homework

Make Milhouse Fly a Kite

Valentine's Day Pt. 4 Build Phineas Q. Butterfat's
Valentine's Day Pt. 5 Make Homer Eat at Phineas Q. Butterfat's
Valentine's Day Pt. 6 Make Homer Shop at Kwik-E-Mart
Valentine's Day Pt. 7 Plant Rose Bush
Valentine's Day Pt. 8 Build Howard's Flowers
Valentine's Day Pt. 9 Reach Level 11 and Build the Control Building

Send Homer to do a Plant Shift

Valentine's Day Pt. 10 Make Homer Shop at Howard's Flowers
Valentine's Day Pt. 11 Make Lisa Plant Flowers
Valentine's Day Pt. 12 Make Lisa Eat at Phineas Q. Butterfat's

Make Milhouse eat at Phineas Q. Butterfat's

Valentine's Day Pt. 13 Build Sir Putt-A-Lot's
Valentine's Day Pt. 14 Make Homer Snuggle in the Golf Castle

Make Marge Snuggle in the Golf Castle


Valentine's Day Pt. 1Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "This Valentine's Day I'm going to lead by example and give out cards made from recycled paper."
"That way every Valentine I give out will be a Valentine to the Earth as well!"
"And the smug sense of satisfaction I'll feel will be a Valentine to myself!"

Valentine's Day Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "Just one Valentine left... Milhouse's. I hope he doesn't read too much into it."

Valentine's Day Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Milhouse Icon "Hi Lisa!"
Lisa Icon "Oh... hi Milhouse..."
Milhouse Icon "I got that Valentine you made me. It was on crummy recycled paper, but the message was still clear... my love is requited!"
Lisa Icon "It's just a card Milhouse."
Milhouse Icon "It sure is! So do you want to do something as a couple? We could fly my kite together?"
Lisa Icon "Um, er...I would love to, but I have homework to do. Maybe later?"
Milhouse Icon "I'll be counting the seconds. One alligator, two alligator..."


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "I hope Milhouse got the picture."
Milhouse Icon "Lisa may not have been there with me, but I'm still going to count that as a date!"

Valentine's Day Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Milhouse Icon "Hi, Mr. Simpson. I'm here to profess my undying love for Lisa."
Homer Icon "I know and so does she. That's why she ran out the back door when she saw you coming. She's long gone by now."
Milhouse Icon "Woe is me! How will I ever conquer Lisa's heart?"
Homer Icon "Well, they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. And men and women have exactly the same anatomy..."
Milhouse Icon "Gotcha! I'll warm up my easy-bake oven!"
Homer Icon "Better yet, what about going out for ice cream?"
Milhouse Icon "That's a great idea. Thanks, Dad-to-be!"

Valentine's Day Pt. 5Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "5600 flavors of ice cream? I'm in love!"
Milhouse Icon "Do you think Lisa will come here with me, seeing as I built it for her?"
Homer Icon "For her? I had you build this for me."

Valentine's Day Pt. 6Edit

Character Dialogue
Milhouse Icon "I guess I'll never get Lisa to be my Valentine."
Homer Icon "Valentine? Oh, crap! Is it whatever-uary whatever-teenth already?! need to get Marge a gift... or write her a love song."
"No that's too much work. I'll stick with the gift."

Valentine's Day Pt. 7Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Help me, Apu -- I need a Valentine's gift for Marge!"
Apu Icon "Is she a milk connoisseur? I have several well-aged vintages.'
Homer Icon "I was thinking something a little more romantic."
Apu Icon "Then you've come to the wrong place. Might I suggest flowers?"
Homer Icon "Great idea. I think I saw some in the decorations menu."

Valentine's Day Pt. 8Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Now to cut me some of those flowers, give them to Marge, and trick her into loving me for another year."
Wiggum Icon "Not so fast, Fancy Gardener! Drop the hedge clippers, and reach for the sky!"
Homer Icon "But I planted these flowers."
Wiggum Icon "On city ground! And now that they're there, cutting them is illegal. And don't think about just putting them in your inventory box -- that won't work either."
Homer Icon "Then where am I supposed to get flowers?"
Wiggum Icon "That's your problem, not mine. But if you figure out a place, let me know. Valentine's is coming up and I don't want to have to write Sarah a love song."

Valentine's Day Pt. 9Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "This place is expensive! I can barely afford twelve roses, let alone a dozen."
"I better clock in some overtime at the plant."

Valentine's Day Pt. 10Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Woo-hoo! Now I've got enough money to buy something that comes out of the ground plentifully and for free!"
"V-Day Victory, here I come!"

Valentine's Day Pt. 11Edit

Character Dialogue
Milhouse Icon "Hey, Lisa, whatcha doing?"
Lisa Icon "My dad's done so much building and shopping recently, I thought planting some flowers might offset his carbon footprint."
Milhouse Icon "I don't know what that means... but I think that too."

Valentine's Day Pt. 12Edit

Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "I'm impressed, Milhouse. You planted all those flowers without a single allergy attack."
Milhouse Icon "While you're feeling all impressed, do you want to get some ice cream? I'll even spring for a waffle cone."
Lisa Icon "Ice cream sounds good. But just so we're clear -- we're just friends, okay?"
Milhouse Icon "Just friends."
"...for now."

Valentine's Day Pt. 13Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Happy Valentine's Day, Marge!"
Marge Icon "Flowers?! And they're not even from the inventory box!"
Homer Icon "That's right, baby! And tonight I'm taking you anywhere you want to go. The Gilded Truffle perhaps?"
Marge Icon "Actually, I was thinking of something even more romantic."

Valentine's Day Pt. 14Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Icon "Hey, this is the place where we first..."
Marge Icon "That's right. And I thought we could go there again."
Homer Icon "Marge, you're the greatest opposite sex spouse a man could ever have!"
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