Valentine's Cooling Towers is a premium limited time façade available during the Valentine's Day 2016 Event.

It returned on February 12, 2018 during the Valentine's 2018 Promotion.

It returned on January 23, 2019 during the Love, Springfieldian Style 2019 Event.

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Dialogue Edit

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Icon Smithers, why are people snickering at our giant hearts on the cooling towers? Can't anyone get into the spirit of Valentine's Day?
Smithers Icon I'm afraid it's my fault, Mr. Burns. Because of my... orientation.
Mr. Burns Icon No sense of direction, eh? We'll just bring in some brawny mountain men to teach you.
Smithers Icon *gulp* As enticing as that sounds, I mean I'm... not quite straight.
Mr. Burns Icon Can't have a crooked employee on my watch! We'll get a few muscled male masseuses to straighten you out.
Smithers Icon *double gulp*

Trivia Edit

  • When someone is working in the control building (for example Homer, Mindy, Zutroy), instead of black steam the Cooling Towers have pink steam.

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