The Vacuum Tool is the third of 10 prizes in the Treehouse of Horror XXIV Event. You need to collect Goo Currency Icon1,250 to unlock it.

To use, click on the Ghost icon in the top-right corner and select the second image/icon down, then simply apply pressure with your finger on the screen to activate (may require multiple attempts in different spots for it to work). This will only work on Ghosts, and not Gremlins and haunted buildings. It will also only work in your Springfield and not in neighbour's towns.

Unlocking DialogueEdit

Character Dialogue
Professor Frink Icon "Congratulations! You've just acquired the latest in ghost disposal technology from Frink Removal Incorporated, or FRINC."
Homer Icon "It looks like one of those little robots that vacuums up dirt, but it's completely and utterly different. It's a little robot that vacuums up ghosts."
"Okay, let's suck soul. Where does it plug in?"
Professor Frink Icon "It doesn't! In a major convenience, it runs for fifteen minutes at a time on two pounds of uranium."
Homer Icon "Ooh, that's lucky. I have a couple uranium rods in my pocket. I put them there to keep my genitals warm."
Equip your new tool and suck up some Ghosts!
— In-game announcement
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