Old Jewish Man Icon
time to destroy dr marvin monroe
Marvin Monroe Mirrored Icon
*FART* im dr marvin monrow
Willie Drunk Icon
i fucked your face mr SIMPson thanks
Homer Appetite Icon
blearg hey
Willie Icon
who to fuck next
Smithers Sidebar
pleaaase pick me pleaase wily how do i unlock infinite ammo in call of dutty black ops 2
Russ Cargill Icon
you say please give me infintie amo and u get it
Mrs. Krabappel Icon
why is russ cargil of the simpsons movie on the big screen here
Russ Cargill Surprised Icon
my name eh JEFF!
Eddie Icon
guess whos under arrest
Fat Tony Icon
i swear to god ill break your fat neck you overbite fuck
Eddie y lou
can you believe he just said that
Lou Icon
im arresting you eddie
Eddie Sad Icon
make eddie serve time (99 days)
Sea Captain Icon
whats up guys its smike here
Bumblebee Man Sidebar
i am going to kick your ass
Captain McAllister
please dont
Dr. Nick Icon
gangnam style
Moe Sneaky Icon
im suspicious
Bart Thankful Icon
Moe Sewage Icon
whos poop is this!
Hans Moleman Icon
you ate my diaper thats why your poopy
Kang Sidebar
your disgusting dude
Blue-Haired Lawyer Sidebar
you have to give me 5000000$
(give bluehaired Lawyer 5000000 you cant so no and you will be in debt you owe him money)
Birch Barlow Icon
really blue haired lawyer i cant believe you did that
Lenny Sidebar
laa la la la (crashes into the brown house)
Generichouse01 destroyed menu
ow hey ouch oy 
Sideshow Bob Happy Icon
Lenny Argh Icon
i feel good drunk good please dont tell carl the mountain
Mount Carlmore
what did i just hear
Crawl Icon
yeah im fat now thanks to what lenny just did
Lenny Dyinghappy Icon
eBay Inc. is a multinational e-commerce corporation based in San Jose, California that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website. 
Carl Icon
Plow King Icon
this is really fucked up
Professor Frink Icon
can you scratch my nuts somebody please
Otto Icon
yeah. beep beeeeeeeeeeep (hits frink with a bus)
look what you did to me otto this is what you did
Stewie image
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) 
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