Hey Y'all!

Those of you who recently updated TSTO know that the new mini-event is underway: Who Shot Mr Burns? Part Three! 

Many people on the wiki have talked about a WSMB event, and I have thought about it too. I am so excited that it is happening! Let's start the review.

I enjoyed the pre-event quest chain, with Martin and the kids and the cryptocurrency. I was happy that the jobs were only six seconds long. I completed them and began the event!

I was a little surprised that is was mainly centered around characters getting cryprocurrency, and not Mr. Burns being greedy, like in the episode. I see so far it's mainly the prize track that's centered around the episode, but that may change. 

I am dissapointed, though, that the jobs that produce Burnscoins cost money to do, but it is only a small fee, and the outcome is better, similar to Crops at Cletus's Farm, TV at Channel 6, and Shows at the open air stage.

I am excited to continue the prize track and get new prizes!


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