So Level 33 was a great update in terms of new content :))) I'm still going through some of the

quests myself but it has been the best questline yet in my opinion. My 


Did EA base their Sunsphere on this? Loljk

favourite character released was Arnie Pye I liked the questline and his jobs. My favourite building/decoration was The Sunsphere. Although it doesn't do much like the ETN, 50FT M.Glass etc. I find it one of the most asthetically pleasing decorations in the game and I think the 750k price tag is really worth it and it reminds me from a building of a place I went to a couple years ago called RAF Digby. Ultimatly I did a lttle research into it and that the Sunsphere is modelled from a park in Knoxville, Tennessee but I have never seen it in the animation.

In conlusion, I have been very happy with the update and I will be awaiting Level 34 and possibly a halloween event :DDDDDDDDDDD

P.S. Sorry to Geogiles and others who may have been affected for spamming the quest pages with image dialouges etc. I am still a newb at using this and will create more concise pages in the future!

'JTegz 19:26, August 17, 2013 (UTC)

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