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  • JTegz


    February 19, 2014 by JTegz
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  • JTegz

    Level 34

    August 30, 2013 by JTegz
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  • JTegz

    ELR pt.1

    August 17, 2013 by JTegz

    Character Dialouge


    Hey Marge! it says on the card bill that you paid $14,95 for a game called Earthland.Realms?...Marge?
    Marge ...........................................
    Homer Marge?! Are you even listening?
    Marge *Whistles* Huh?
    Marge The Wizard must teach me the ways of the Cleric
    Homer Whatever, I have better things to do than sit playing video games all day [hypocritical comment to both Homer and Player.

    Marge: Play Earthland Realms (8hrs)

    Homer: Drink at Moe's (8hrs)

    After this, Fat Wizard is unlocked:

    "I'm a game character within a game within a animation series", [Maybe is part of the Oddballs]

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  • JTegz

    Level 33

    August 17, 2013 by JTegz


    So Level 33 was a great update in terms of new content :))) I'm still going through some of the

    quests myself but it has been the best questline yet in my opinion. My 

    favourite character released was Arnie Pye I liked the questline and his jobs. My favourite building/decoration was The Sunsphere. Although it doesn't do much like the ETN, 50FT M.Glass etc. I find it one of the most asthetically pleasing decorations in the game and I think the 750k price tag is really worth it and it reminds me from a building of a place I went to a couple years ago called RAF Digby. Ultimatly I did a lttle research into it and that the Sunsphere is modelled from a park in Knoxville, Tennessee but I have never seen it in the animation. In conlusion, I h…

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  • JTegz

    The First of Many!

    August 11, 2013 by JTegz

    Hi everyone,

    Really enjoyed the fact that I can input to this wiki, I think I've made about 30 pages from scratch but thats beside the point. 

    I'm really interested to see what level 33+ will bring and I hope I can make further input on this as well as quest storylines which I haven't had the opportunity to do yet since virtually all of it has been covered!

    I have tried filling my time by contributing to the wiki since I competed (and won) my last world championship. What does everyone else do outside of here? in terms of hobbies, work, education? (and plying Tapped Out of course).


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