We'll teach that mortal to trifle with the Gods
— Zeus Quimby's unlock message.

Zeus Quimby is a limited time costume for Mayor Quimby. He is obtained through building the Parthenon a limited time building during Season 25.  He has regular payout jobs and is part of the Gods collection.


Name Income Experience Time Requires Visual?
Curse Explorers and Nymphs Cash70 Experience17 60m Check.png
Visit Athena Cash175 Experience45 4h Parthenon Nope.png
Chaperone Dionysus to AA Meeting Cash275 Experience70 8h First Church of Springfield Nope.png
Spend Night with Miss Olympus Cash420 Experience100 12h Sleep-Eazy Motel Nope.png
Decide the Fate of Humanity Cash600 Experience150 24h Check.png


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