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Please note that I will be inactive for much of the current Winter Event. I'll be on holiday until mid-January and have no wifi during said holiday. Sorry for any inconvenience for Origin Neighbors or Wiki Members. I'll get back to you first chance I get. :)

Hey there, I'm WizzFizz7. Welcome to my user profile, <insert name here>!

I'm from New Zealand, though currently live in Australia, and am in school; as such, time is exceedingly difficult to get for me, but I try to edit here and play the game as much as I can.

I've been playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out since roughly mid-2013. Being a big fan of the TV series, being able to recreate Springfield for myself is a very exciting aspect of the game to me. As is, I'm about to redesign my own town to something more appealing, although I hope to finish some certain upgradable aspirational buildings and land expansions first. Also I am a freemium player, but I earn a fair share of donuts through many minigames and side jobs.

If you need me, I'd be happy to help with a question or concern, game or wiki related!

Current Projects Edit

On the Wiki Edit

  • Reviewing every Article with a Stub, and trying to add enough information and details so that the stubs can be removed.
  • Helping with current events related articles, pictures and information.

On the Game Edit

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General Overview

Last Updated: 27 October 2016

*Not including characters that don't earn any Cash or XP, such as Snowball II and Mutant Peacock.

Current Event Stats

Treehouse of Horror XXVII Event
Last Updated: 27 October 2016

Tips and Tricks Edit

  1. If one of your Origin Friends seems inactive, don't delete them right away. Give them a chance to become active again, as they may be away on holiday without any wifi - which is the case for me most christmas peroids, explaining why I have little Xmas content in my town. If a friend looks inactive, give them maybe four or five weeks to log back in before considering unfriending them.
  2. It's already very well known, but I'm putting this here for the newer players: tap Homer to bring up his job list, then tap him ten times. This little easter egg earns you 10 donuts and the exclusive Jebidiah Statue.
  3. If you're just starting out in Tapped Out, buy some coloured houses. House Farming can be an effective way of getting lots of XP and cash. Brown houses are best for this in the first levels, later on you should move onto Purple Houses, Blue Houses, etc. Be aware that prices rise with each new house built, so don't buy to many.
  4. Even if you aren't fond of House Farming, I still recommend doing it, until you have nearly run out of space in your town or you have lots of money, in which case you could easily sell the houses you don't want or need afterwards. Same with Kwik-E-Marts, Gulp-n-Blows and Krusty Burgers. As an alternative, you could easily create a really good residential area with all those houses, all you have to do is decorate it a bit.
  5. Get every one of your Characters to do a job if they can, this is how you will build up cash fast, as the rewards for finishing jobs is better than money earned from buildings. Likewise, when assigning jobs, don't forget about Cletus' Farm and the Channel 6 building; growing crops / broadcasting shows gets you loads of cash as well.
  6. Once you have expanded out onto the oceanside and started your Squidport, get as many Boardwalk sections as you can. It will be well worth it, as the Squidport Quests require a certain amount of these to place buildings and continue the questline, as well as getting you more space for decorating your very own Squidport. Of course, boardwalk sections become more expensive and time consuming to produce over time. You can always put your money towards other quests and buildings and then come back to making these boardwalks. Try to make them at any time you get the chance.
  7. Krustyland uses its own unique currency: Krustyland Tickets. Attractions here can get quite costly, so having characters who can earn you tickets in Krustyland can be helpful; getting them to do jobs here gets much more tickets than the rides earn you. Only a handful of characters can perform tasks here, like Homer, Milhouse and Kearney. The others you have back in Springfield will do fine on their own getting cash there, so send over these ticket-gathering Springfielders to help develop your Krustyland!
  8. Obtain characters at the earliest convenience; if you have two buildings to be built and one offers a character and the other doesn't, build the one that unlocks you another character, so that they can help earn more cash faster. The more characters you have, the more cash and XP they can get for you.
  9. It helps to log on to your game a lot during a major event, in order to earn as much of the event's limited-time prizes as possible. An example would be during the Tap Ball event: Logging on every four hours to challenge other players to Tap Ball and get the rewards for doing so can make all the difference to getting the prizes or not.

I hope these help! :)

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