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I started playing during the Terwilligers 2015 Event. Shortly after, I was googling for help on how to get something and discovered this wiki, and I have been editing ever since--but more improving organization and links than adding new content, since NoWay and others usually beat me to it.


At last update, I had 589 characters:

Aaron Burr Unlock.png Abbey Unlock.png Lincolnunlockimage.png Abraham Simpson I Unlock.png Adil Hoxha Unlock.png Advisor Frink Unlock.png Agnes Unlock.png Agent Bont Unlock.png Akira.png Alaska Nebraska Unlock.png Alcatraaaz Unlock.png Alice Glick Unlock.png Allison Taylor Unlock.png Amber Dempsey Unlock.png Amber Simpson Unlock.png Amenhotep Unlock.png Andre Unlock.png Angel Lisa Unlock.png Angelica Button Unlock.png Anger Watkins Unlock.png Animatronic Axe Unlock.png Animatronic Bomb Unlock.png Animatronic Dynamite Unlock.png Animatronic Dynamite Bundle Unlock.png Annika Unlock.png Annual Gift Man Unlock.png Apu.png Aristotle Amadopolis Unlock.png Arnie Pye Unlock.png Arthur Fortune Unlock.png Artie Ziff.png Azzlan Unlock.png Baby Barney Unlock.png Baby Frink Unlock.png Baby Gerald Unlock.png Baby Homer Unlock.png Baby Jesus Unlock.png Baby Lisa Unlock.png Baby Marge Unlock.png Baby Moe Unlock.png Baby T-Rex Unlock.png Barfy Unlock.png Barney's Unlock.png Bart Unlock.png Bear Robot Unlock.png Beatrice Unlock.png Becky Unlock.png Belle Unlock.png Benjamin Unlock.png Bernice Hibbert.png Bestimus Mucho Unlock.png Birch Barlow Unlock.png Birthday Spuckler Unlock.png Blackbeard Unlock.png Blarg Alien Unlock.png Bleeding Gums Murphy Unlock.png Blocko Angelica Button.png Blue Funzo Unlock.png Blue-haired lawyer.png Bonestormsanta.png Booberella Unlock.png Bootsie Unlock.png Bort Unlock.png Brandine Del Roy.png Brenda Unlock.png Brendan Beiderbecke Unlock.png Bridge Troll Moe Unlock.png Brittany Brockman Unlock.png Brother Faith Unlock.png Kentart.png Buck McCoy Unlock.png Buck Mitchell Unlock.png Bully Boss Unlock.png Bully-vern Unlock.png Unlock bumblebeeman.png Bunny #24601 Burns Dragon Unlock.png C.H.U.M. Unlock.png Canadian Flanders Unlock.png Tapped Out Candy Kevin.png Capital City Goofball.png Captain Flag Unlock.png Captain Mordecai Unlock.png Capri Flanders Unlock.png Carl Unlock.png Carnage Destructicus Unlock.png Loch Ness Monster Unlock.png Caveman Moe Unlock.png Cecil Terwilliger Unlock.png César Unlock.png Chalmers Unlock.png Charcoal Briquette Unlock.png Chazz Busby Unlock.png Chester Dupree.png Chief Knocka-Homer Unlock.png Chippy Circus Acrobat Unlock.png Citizen Solar Unlock.png CJ Pro Bidder Unlock.png Clarissa Wellington Cleatus Unlock.png Cletus Unlock.png Coach Krupt Unlock Pix.png Coach Pommelhorst Unlock.png Cocoa Beanie Unlock.png Colette Unlock.png Comic Book Guy Unlock.png Cookie Kwan Unlock.png Corporal Punishment Unlock.png Cosine Tangent Unlock.png Count Dracula Unlock.png Countess Dracula Unlock.png Crawl Unlock.png Crazy Cat Lady Unlock2.png Cregg Demon Unlock.png Cthulhu Unlock.png Cyborg Willie Unlock.png Cyrus Manley Unlock.png Dame Judith Underdunk Unlock.png Dancing Reindeer Unlock.png Dante Calabresi Jr. Unlock.png Dante Calabresi Sr. Unlock.png Darwin Fish Unlock.png Dash Dingo Unlock.png Database.png Dave Shutton.png Declan Desmond Unlock.png Death Unlock.png Deep Freeze Unlock.png Demon Moe Unlock.png Demon Technician Unlock.png Dewey Largo Unlock.png Dia-Betty Unlock.png Diane Unlock.png Dinosaur.png Disapproving Squirrel Unlock.png Tapped Out Unlock Disco Stu.PNG Doggy Smithers Unlock.png Dolph Unlock.png Don Brodka Unlock.png Don Vittorio Unlock.png Doug Unlock.png Dr. Bonebreak Unlock.png Dr. Colossus.png Dr. Crab Unlock.png Dr. Griffin (Invisible Man) Unlock.png Unlock drhibbert.png Unlock drnick (1).png Dr. Robert Unlock.png Drederick Tatum Unlock.png Dubya Spuckler Unlock.png Duffman Unlock.png Dwight D. Eisenhower.png Eddie.png Edwina Unlock.png Empty Nest Marge Unlock.png Erik Unlock.png Esme Delacroix Unlock.png Everyman Unlock.png Evil Homer Unlock.png Evil Shopkeeper Unlock.png Fallout Boy Unlock.png Fat Tony Unlock.png Fatov Unlock.png Femme Fatale Unlock.png Fernando Vidal Unlock.png Fit Tony Unlock.png Fortune Teller Unlock.png Francesca Terwilliger Unlock.png Frank Grimes Unlock Pix.png Frankenstein's Monster Unlock.png Frankie the Squealer Unlock.png Freddy Freeman Unlock.png Freddy Quimby.png Freedomicon.png Mr. Lacost.png Frink Jr. Unlock.png Frinkenstein Unlock.png Frog Prince.png G.H.O.S.T. Enforcer Unlock.png Gabbo & Arthur Unlock.png Gautama Buddha Unlock.png Gary Unlock.png Gelatinous Homer Unlock.png Geoffrey Chaucer Unlock.png Gerogewashington.png Gina Vendetti Unlock.png Ginger Flanders Unlock.png Gino Underdunk Terwilliger Unlock.png Giuseppe Granfinali.png Gloria Unlock.png God Unlock.png Goosius.png Governor Mary Bailey Unlock.png Grady Unlock.png Grampa Unlock.png Grandma Van Houten Unlock.png Grandpa Van Houten Unlock.png Grant Connor Unlock.png Gravedigger Billy Unlock.png Greta Wolfcastle.png Greystash Unlock.png Grief Counselor Unlock.png Groundskeeper Seamus Unlock.png Groundskeeper Wilma Unlock.png Gummy Joe Unlock.png Guy Incognito Unlock.png Handsome Pete.png Hank Scorpio.png Hans Mechman Unlock.png Hans Moleman Unlock.png Harv Bannister Unlock.png Helen Lovejoy Unlock.png Hell Principals Unlock.png Hell Teacher Unlock.png Herb Powell Unlock.png Herman Unlock.png Hibbert's Father Unlock.png Hippie Unlock.png Hollis Hurlbut Unlock.png Homer Unlock.png Homer Dog Unlock.png Homer Lizard Unlock.png Hot Flash Unlock.png Howard K. Duff Unlock.png Hugo Simpson.png Hugh Jass Unlock.png Hugs Bunnyart.png Human Statue.png Ice Bishop of Beverly Hills Unlock.png Imaginary Bear Unlock.png Iron Yuppie Unlock.png Itchy Unlock.png J. Edgar Hoover Unlock.png J. Rigellian Christ Unlock.png Jack Frost Unlock.png Jack the Ripper Unlock.png Jacques Unlock.png Janey Unlock.png Jasper Unlock.png Jay Unlock.png Jay G.png Jelly Monster Unlock.png Jenda Unlock.png Jeremy Unlock.png Jeremy Jailbird Unlock.png Jerri Mackleberry Unlock.png Jesse Grass Unlock.png Jessica Lovejoy Unlock.png Jesus Christ Unlock.png Jiff and Skippy Unlock.png Jim Hope Unlock.png Jimboart.png Joan Bushwell Unlock.png Johnny Tightlips Unlock.png Jub-Jub Unlock.png Judge Constance Harm Unlock.png Judge Snyder Unlock.png Julienstein Unlock.png Julio Unlock.png June Bellamy Unlock.png Kamala Unlock.png Kang Unlock.png Kathy from Personnel Unlock.png Kearney Zzyzwicz.png Kearney's Other Son Unlock.png Kearneymon Unlock.png King Gautama Unlock.png King Herod Unlock.png King Winter.png Kirk Van Houten.png Kirkedemious Van Houten Unlock.png Kitenge Unlock.png Knifey Spooney Unlock.png Kodos Unlock.png Krustyart.png Krusty Claus Unlock.png Kumiko.png L. T. Smash Unlock.png Laird Ladd Unlock.png Chesterlampwick.png Lance Murdock Unlock.png Larry Unlock.png Larry Kidkill Unlock.png Laura Powers Unlock.png Lee Carvallo Unlock.png Legs Unlock.png Lenny Unlock.png Leon Kompowsky Unlock.png Leopold Unlock.png Leprechaun the simpsons.png Lewd Unlock.png Lewis Clark Unlock.png Lindsey Neagle Unlock.png Lisa Unlock.png Llewellyn Sinclair Unlock.png Lloyd Unlock.png Lord Montymort Unlock.png Lord Thistlewick Flanders Unlock.png Lou.png Louie Unlock.png Love Bot Unlock.png Luann Van Houten.png Lucille Botzcowski Unlock.png Lucius Sweet Unlock.png Lucy Fer Sa'tan Unlock.png Lugash Unlock.png Luigi Unlock.png Luke Stetson Unlock.png Lunchlady Dora Unlock Pix.png Lyla Unlock.png M’nthster Unlock.png Mabel Simpson Unlock.png Maggie Icon.png Malicious Krubb Unlock.png Manacek Unlock.png Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon.png Marbles Le Marquez Unlock.png Marge Character Set.png Marge Ziff Unlock.png Marquess Milhouse Unlock.png Martin Unlock.png Martin of the Opera Unlock.png Marv Unlock.png Marvin Monroe Unlock Pix.png Mary Spuckler Unlock.png Unlock mattgroening.png Maude's ghost.png Maurice Unlock.png Unlock Mayan God.png Maw Spuckler Unlock.png Meathook Unlock.png Mecha Hawk Unlock.png Meditating Bear Unlock.png Mexican Duffman Unlock.png Unlock michaeldamico.png Milford Van Houten Unlock.png Milhoose Unlock.png Milhouse Unlock.png Milo Unlock.png Mindy Unlock.png Minnie Unlock.png Miss Hoover Unlock.png Unlock missspringfield.png Model Donut Unlock.png Moe Unlock.png Mojo png.png Molloy Unlock.png Mona Unlock.png Monkey's Paw Salesman Unlock.png Mooch Bart Unlock.png Moses Unlock.png Mountain Man Unlock.png Morty Unlock.png Mozart Unlock.png Mr. Bergstrom Unlock.png Mr. Burns Unlock.png Mr. Costington.png Mr. Dirt Unlock.png Mrteeny.png Mrs. Bouvier Unlock.png Mrs. Claus Unlock.png Mrs. Frink Unlock.png Mrs. Krabappel Unlock.png Mrs. Muntz.png Mrs. Prince Unlock.png Mrs. Sinclair Unlock.png Mrs. Quimby Unlock Pix.png Ms. Mouse Unlock.png Mumbles Unlock.png Mutantrabbit.png Nana Sophie Mussolini Unlock.png Tapped Out Unlock Ned.png Nedward Flanders Sr. Unlock.png Nelsonart.PNG Nick Delacourt Unlock.png Nigel Unlock.png Nikki McKenna Unlock.png Norbert Van Houten Unlock.png Northern Irish Leprechaun Unlock.png Nosferatu Unlock.png Number 1.png Number 51.png Octoparrot Unlock.png Old Jewish Man Unlock.png Old King Coal Unlock.png Old Scratch Unlock.png Old Tut Unlock.png Opal Unlock.png Orville Simpson Unlock.png Osaka Seafood Concern Squid Unlock.png Oscar Wilde Unlock.png Otto.png Parade Roller Unlock.png Parade Train Unlock.png Paris Texan Unlock.png Park Engineer Unlock.png Patches and Poor Violet Unlock.png Temp.png Paul Bunyan Unlock.png Peta Unlock.png Peter D'Abbruzio Unlock.png Petroleus Rex.png Philip Hefflin Unlock.png Pink Funzo Unlock.png Pita Unlock.png Unlock plopperpig.png Pokey.png Poochie Unlock.png Pope Unlock.png President Lisa Unlock.png Primo Unlock.png Prince Gautama Unlock.png Princess Kashmir unlock.png Princess Penelope Unlock.png Harlan Dondelinger Unlock.png Professor Frink Unlock.png Professor Werner von Brawn Unlock.png Purple Funzo Unlock.png Pyro Unlock.png Queen Gautama Unlock.png Quimby Unlock.png Quinn Hopper.png R.O.S.A Unlock.png Rabbi Krustofsky Unlock.png Rachel Jordan Unlock.png Radioactive Man Unlock.png Ralph Unlock.png Ralph-O-Cop Unlock.png Ramrod Unlock.png Raptor Unlock.png Rasputin the Friendly Russian Unlock.png Ray Patterson Unlock.png Raoul Unlock.png Report Card Unlock.png Rev. Lovejoy Unlock.png Retired Homer Unlock.png Rexbannerunlockimage.png Richard Nixon Unlock.png Rita LaFleur Unlock.png Robo Burns Unlock.png Robot Marge Unlock.png Robot Rumble Announcers Unlock.png Rockstar Maggie Unlock.png Rod Unlock.png Roger Meyers, Jr..png Ronald Reagan Unlock.png Ronaldo Unlock.png Roscoe Unlock Pix.png Rose Quimby Unlock.png Roy Unlock.png Rumbleina Unlock.png Russ Cargill Unlock.png Ruth Powers Unlock.png Sakatumi Unlock.png Sam Unlock.png Samantha Stanky Unlock.png Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon.png Santa Claus Unlock.png Santa's Little Helper Unlock.png Sarah Wiggum Unlock.png Scotty Boom Unlock.png Scratchy Unlock.png Unlock seacaptain.png Sebastian Cobb Unlock.png Secretary Van Houten Unlock.png Selmaunlockimage.PNG Señor Ding Dong Unlock.png Sexy Pirate Unlock.png Sgt. Skinner Unlock.png Unlock shauna.png Shary Bobbinsart.png She-Wolf Unlock.png Sherri & Terri.png Shiva Unlock.png Shredder Stevens Unlock.png Siddmartha Unlock.png New Sideshow Bob Unlock.png Melart.png Sideshow Raheem Unlock.png Skinner Unlock.png Skinny Palmer Unlock.png Slick Unlock.png Slithers Unlock.png Sludge Unlock.png Smithersart.png Snake Unlock.png Snow Monster.png Snowball I Unlock.png Snowball II Artwork.png Sophie Krustofski Unlock.png Space Coyote Unlock.png Space Marshmallow Unlock.png Space Mutant.png Spiro Unlock.png Spotlight Dance Bot Unlock.png Springy Characterset Icon.png Squawky Unlock.png Squeaky Voice Teen Artwork.png Stacy Lovell Unlock Pix.png Tapped Out Stampy.png Stephanie Brockman Unlock.png Stephen Hawking Unlock.png Stewart.png Stick Up Walrus Unlock.png Stogie Unlock.png Stradivarius Cain Unlock.png Strawberry Unlock.png Summer Games Chairman Unlock.png Suzanne the Witch.png Sven Golly Unlock.png T-Rex Unlock.png Tab Spangler Unlock.png Tabitha Vixx Unlock.png Talking Krusty Doll Unlock.png Ted Flanders Unlock.png Teddy Roosevelt Unlock.png Teenage Homer Unlock.png Teenage Smithers Unlock.png Temperance Unlock.png The Beefy Bishop Unlock.png The Dalai Lama Unlock.png The Detonator Unlock.png The Devil Unlock.png The Fracker Unlock.png The Ghost of Christmas Past Unlock.png The Great Raymondo Unlock.png The Grumple.png The Leader Unlock.png The Master Unlock.png The Parson Unlock.png The Patriarch Unlock.png The Raven Unlock.png The Rich Texan Unlock.png The Scout Master Unlock.png The Wiccans Unlock.png Yes Guy.png Tiago Unlock.png Tina Ballerina Unlock.png Titania Unlock.png Todd Unlock.png Tom O'Flanagan Unlock.png Torture Coach Unlock.png Tourist (Child) Unlock.png Tourist (Male) Unlock.png Tourist (Female) Unlock.png Treestache Unlock.png Tribal Chief.png Tumbleweed Unlock.png Tyler Boom Unlock.png Uter Unlock.png Ugolin Unlock.png Unicorn Wizard Unlock.png Vicious Monkeys Unlock.png Vicki Valentine Unlock.png Virgil Simpson Unlock.png Voodoo Queen Unlock.png Wall E. Weasel Unlock.png Wayne Slater Unlock.png Weird Al Yankovic Unlock.png Wendell Borton Unlock.png Werewolf Unlock.png Western Snake.png Wheels McGrath Unlock.png Whitney Spuckler Unlock.png Wiggum Unlock.png Wiggops Unlock.png Willie Unlock.png Wind Lad Unlock.png Wise Guy Unlock.png Wisecracking Parrot Unlock.png Witch Unlock.png Wolfcastle Unlock.png Wolfguy Jack Unlock.png Womenhet Unlock.png Worker Elves Unlock.png Xoxchitla Unlock.png Xylem Unlock.png Yahweh Unlock.png Yakuza Boss Unlock.png Yo Yo Unlock.png Young Artie Ziff Unlock.png Young Barney Unlock.png Young Burns Unlock.png Young Grampa Simpson Unlock.png Young Marge Unlock.png Yupprechaun.png Zia Simpson Unlock.png


At last update, I had 179 costumes:

All-American Apu Unlock.png Fireman Apu Unlock.png Pin Pal Apu Unlock.png Number 67.png Astronaut Barney Unlock.png Barney Plowking.png Bartman.png Beelzebart Unlock.png Casino Boss Bart Unlock.png Clockwork Bart Unlock.png Daredevil Bart Unlock.png Elf Bart Unlock.png General Bart Unlock.png General Splattin' Unlock.png Kamp Bart Unlock.png Rappin' Bart Unlock.png Shadowknight unlock.png Stretch Dude Unlock.png The Kid With No Name Unlock.png Tic Tock Simpson Unlock.png Wizard Bart Unlock.png Cavegirl Booberella Unlock.png Number 66.png Number 14.png Manager Cletus Unlock.png Kung Fu Comic Book Guy Unlock.png Festivus CBG Unlock.png The Collector.png Crazy Iguana Lady Unlock.png Ms. Claws Unlock.png Kwanzaa Dr. Hibbert Unlock.png Mad Dr. Hibbert Unlock.png Number 2.png Boxing Drederick Tatum Unlock.png Number 79.png Lady Duff Character Set.png Count Grampa Unlock.png Gorgeous Grampa Unlock.png Hellfish Abe Unlock.png Honest Abe Unlock.png Number 11.png The Rambler Unlock.png Toreador Abe Unlock.png Mastermind Hank Scorpio Unlock.png Iron Lung Unlock.png Camera Hat Homer Unlock.png Conductor Homer Unlock.png Coolhomer.png Cowboy Homer Unlock.png Deep Space Homer Unlock.png Fireman Homer Unlock.png Holiday Homer Unlock.png Ice Cream Man Homer Unlock.png King-Size Homer Unlock.png MayanHomer.png Ninja Homer Unlock.png Number 908.png Unlock homer pieman.png Patriotic Homer Unlock.png Pin Pal Homer Unlock.png Referee Homer Unlock.png Santahomer.png Homer Strongman.png Sunday Morning Homer Unlock.png Undercover Hoover Unlock.png Baseball Jasper Unlock.png Number 5.png Pirate Kang Unlock.png Santa Kang Unlock.png Acorn Kirk Unlock.png Fairy Kodos Unlock.png Mrs. Kodos Claus Unlock.png ClownFace.png Coat of Foxes Krusty.png Krustcraft Krusty Unlock.png Number 36.png Tuxedokrusty.png Sailor Kumiko Unlock.png Number 12.png Prepper Lindsey Naegle Unlock.png Cadet Lisa Unlock.png Clobber Girl Unlock.png Cool Lisa Unlock.png Elf Lisa Unlock.png Filmmaker Lisa Unlock.png Charactersets lisa gymnastic.png Jake Boyman.png Lisafer Unlock.png Little Miss Springfield Unlock.png Lizard Queen Lisa Unlock.png Pin Collector Lisa Unlock.png Programmer Lisa.png Queen Helvetica Unlock.png Ravencrow Neversmiles Unlock.png Sacagawea Lisa.png Saxophone Lisa Unlock.png Sideshow Lisa Unlock.png Soccer Lisa Unlock.png Wizard Lisa Unlock.png Squirrel Luann Unlock.png Bouncing Battle Baby Unlock.png Outlands Maggie Unlock.png Star Snowsuit Maggie Unlock.png Cleric Marge Unlock.png Marge the Witch Unlock.png Mayan Marge.png Muscular Marge Unlock.png Sexy Santa Marge Unlock.png Tennis Marge Unlock.png Unlock martin prince Ice.png Wizard Martin Unlock.png Cool Milhouse Unlock.png Fit Milhouse art.png Italian Milhouse Unlock.png Lady Milhouse Unlock.png Magic Act Milhouse Unlock.png Radioactive Milhouse Unlock.png Sidekickmilhousemenu.png Were-Milhouse Unlock.png The Game Master Unlock.png Hostess Miss Springfield Unlock.png Count Burns Unlock.png Ebenezer Burns.png Fruit-Bat-Man Unlock.png Hellfish Burns Unlock.png Monty Moneybags Unlock2.png New God Mr. Burns Unlock.png Number 29.png Pin Pal Burns Unlock.png Reclusive Mr. Burns Unlock.png Softball Mr. Burns Character Set.png U.B.O..png Water Baron Burns Unlock.png White Witch Burns Unlock.png Emperor Moe Unlock.png Fire Chief Moe Unlock.png Moog.png Number 21.png Pin Pal Moe Unlock.png Unlicensed Surgeon Moe Unlock.png Devil Flanders Unlock.png Puritanflanders.png Ned SantaSuit.png Shredded Ned Unlock.png Tapped Out Stupid Sexy Flanders.png Werewolf Flanders Unlock.png Football Nelson Unlock.png Pirate Nelson Unlock.png SmellYaL8r Unlock.png Conductor Otto Unlock.png Rockin' Otto Unlock.png Number 314.png Sorcerer Frink Unlock.png Number 22.png Ballet Ralph Unlock.png Christmas Tree Ralph Unlock.png Tapped Out Little Helper Ralph.png Captain Bob Unlock.png Wes Doobner Unlock.png Fireman Skinner Unlock.png Longshot Skinner Unlock.png Number 600.png Pharaoh Skinner Unlock.png Mysterious Waylon Unlock.png Number 59.png Rollerskate Smithers.png Cyborg Snake Unlock.png Outlaw Snake Unlock.png Squeaky Voice Attendant Unlock.png Prom Time Homer.png Beer Stein Wiggum Unlock.png Mummy Wiggum Unlock.png Number 50.png Bare Chested Willie Unlock.png Number 85.png Satyr Willie Unlock.png Slave Labor Willie Unlock.png Taskmaster Willie Unlock.png McBain 2.png