• I live in Rotterdam
  • I am DUDEEEE

Hi there, I'm SonnyWeg

I've been playing TSTO since august 2013. I'm from The Netherlands so english isn't my first language. I don't mind if you correct me when I make a mistake or error in spelling or grammar, but don't get angry or upset about it.

I also don't mind if you send me an ingame friends request. I accept every request as long as you stay active:)

Springfield Stats:Edit

Current Level: 451
Max Bonus Levels: 7 (at level 59)
Freemium Buildings: All, including the aspirational buildings
Squidport Freemium Buildings: All
Blue Houses: 250
Boardwalk Sections: Max (201)
$$$: 7m
Amount of Playable Characters: 162

Krustyland Stats:Edit

Rides: All Freemium Rides
Land Expansions: All
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