I just joined this wiki page because I can't get enough ot Tapped Out and there is great info here!  I've been playing almost 1 year - started during the Thanksgiving 2013 event when I got my first smart phone (i unfortunately lost my Christmas decorations as I inadverantly started a new town then went back to my 1st town...DOH!!).  I bought a tablet speciffically to play during the Halloween 2014 event as it is much eaiser and you can see so much more - guess I'm a Simpsons nerd...LOL.  Well the Halloween event is almost over so for the first time I spent money on donuts to buy the Spooky House, Drive In and some others.  I just discovered it's only $1.07 to buy the golden scratchers and  they can be purchased at any time so I've bought a few of those but no jack pot yet.  I did not start adding friends untill at least 6-7 months after I was playing and now I have over 40.  Thanks to all my neighborreenos that visit me. 

 Thursday 11/20/14:  I was given Pruitan Flanders an hour ago so it looks like the Thanksgiving 2014 event is underway!  Will  wait a little to send him on his 12  hour quest...need to build up some more $.  My neice, alicialevi98, received it a much earlier today  She's been getting the events earlier than I do for some reason.  I got her hooked during Clash of the Clones...LOL.  She is looking to add friends if you want to sent her a request!  I joined last year at the Thanksgiving event so I'm curious to see how they compare.  Still got to build the Quimby Compound before buying anything else - close to the 1 million mark!  Not too crazy about Freddy, but I do want the building.    XD 

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