aka Batman

  • I live in my house (it's a lie)
  • I was born on April 19
  • My occupation is getting fat while checking the wikia
  • I am a combination of a potato and a whale

About meEdit

Hi <insert name here>, and welcome to my Page! (Still in Construction). First a little information about me. I started playing at the beginning of the Tap Ball 2015 Event, although I saw the game on the store earlier, but since I already was playing SimCity I was waiting until I got tired of that to install this one. Even today I still regret a little this decision, because there was some cool content I missed and now they make me pay for it with donuts. I wasn't very addicted when I started playing, making me lose most of the prizes at that event.
However, if I remember correctly, when I reached level 10 I became an addict, and began playing regularly ever since. After that I began constructing my town slowly, and after three months, I reached the Max Level (I had help from the XP Collider). I was also and still am very excited for the upcoming events, where I try my best to win everything, not counting premium stuff. Now I still keep playing it, winning the more stuff that I can.
If you're interested, my origin name is pedromhpc2317, and I have room for more friends. If you sent me a request, you can see that some stuff in my town are outta place, as I'm currently reconstructing my town.

Game StatsEdit

Origin Username
Daily Springfield-Player since
Tap Ball 2015 Event Icon
Tap Ball 2015 Event
Statistics Last Updated
February 9th, 2016
Donuts owned
Donuts 15
Cash Balance
Cash 615835
XP 198556/3451675
Ticket Balance
Krustylandticket 8182
Real Estate Value Points
Real Estate Indicator 62,311,500
XP Level 60
Bonus Levels
I don't know
Friend Point Level Completed
Friend Points
Friendpoints Max
Number of friends (presently)
 ?? including "other springfield"
Conform-O-Meter Bonus-%
108.05 %
XP Bonus-%
unknown %
Krust-O-Meter Bonus-%
5 %
Daily Income
I don't know
Daily Tickets earned
I don't know
Daily Experience earned
I don't know
Daily Increase
I don't know
Total Characters
95 playable characters
Premium Characters
Kang Icon · Kodos Icon · Space Mutant Icon · Otto Icon · Jub-Jub Icon · Lucille Botzcowski Icon · Blue-Haired Lawyer Icon · Squeaky Voice Teen Icon · Bumblebee Man Icon · Kearney Icon · Jesse Grass Icon
Total Costumes
I don't know
Real money spent for buying Donuts
≈ 15 EUR
Springfield Land Expansion
Krustyland Land Expansion
Springfield Heights Land Expansion

Town LandmarksEdit

Coming Soon...

Progress in the Current EventEdit

Amount of Red Chips Stats last updated since 25th February Premium Content Bought
Casino Red Chip 19645 Items crafted Donuts
Amount of Casino Green Chip Walk of Fame Star Menu x2 Cycling Spotlight Menu x2 Ficus Plant Menu x2
Act 2 hasn't started Sequence Fountain 1 Menu x2 Constant Fountain Menu x2
Amount of Casino Blue Chip Amount of Players Club Points
Act 3 hasn't started 680
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