Mutant Peacock

  • I live in England, United Kingdom
  • I was born on April 27
  • My occupation is Studying at College
  • I am a Male

I have been playing Tapped Out since the end of the Christmas 2013 Event. I was originally a completionist player which means I would buy everything in an update but now I'm a Freemium/Premium player currently due to the increase in items over recent years so I slowed down on spending a lot of donuts, so now I spend donuts on any item that I feel would look good in my Springfield or offered at a good price. I like to design my town with the new items either immediately unlocking it or when there is not much going on in the game like after an event has finished or when I get the final personal prize days before the next act starts. I am not looking for friends at the moment.

Game Stats Edit

Level XP Level 240
Conform-O-Meter Bonus 464.10%
Krust-O-Meter Bonus 464.10%
Current amount of donuts Donuts364
Current amount of cash Cash140,508,691
Real Estate Value Points Real Estate Indicator1,302,006,500
Friend Point Level 20
Most Recent Building(s) Unlocked Springfield Swap Meet
Most Recent Character(s) Unlocked Paul Bunyan
Most Recent Costume(s) Unlocked General Splattin'
Most Recent Decoration(s) Unlocked Swap Meet Stage
Most Recent Premium Purchase Mystery Jack-O-Lantern
Last Updated December 7, 2019
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