aka Jack

  • I live in England
  • I am Male


Hi everyone, my name is Jack, born and raised in England. I am a regular player of Simpsons Tapped Out and if you want to add me on Origin, my UN is: JTegz.

"The Jetbike with 0.067% per Donut has currently the best value for a decoration".

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Other ways to contact me are through Twittter, I'm very active on there my UN is JTegz

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My Game StatsEdit

XPLevel 40
Playing the Game October 2012 - present
Friends 100
Origin Username JTegz
Premium Characters and Buildings All of the Premium Characters and Buildings including Holiday CB's
Cash Balance Cashbout three-fiddy
Donut Balance Donutsx
Stats Last Updated May 10, 2014
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