• I live in Munich/Germany
  • I am male (last time I checked)

Good morning,


Well, if you're still here, then I can give you some statistics about me, hand collected.

Game StatsEdit

Origin Username nmh1969
Daily Springfield-Player since Easter 2015 (superheroes event)
Game Device Apple iPad
Electronic Arts shareholder since August 2015
Origin Account since Jan 6, 2016
Statistics Last Updated Apr 30, 2016
Cash Balance Cash 8 900 000
Experience XP 445 000
Ticket Balance Krustylandticket 100 000
Real Estate Value Points Real Estate Indicator 1 000 300 000
Billionaire haven owned since Dec 28, 2015
Level XP Level 60
Bonus Levels (Leveling up) maybe 5 or 6
Friend Point Level Completed maximum level
Friend Points Friendpoints full
Number of friends (presently) some 70 including "other springfield"
Number of friends until Jan 6, 2016 2 including "other springfield"
Conform-O-Meter Bonus-% 33.90 %
XP Bonus-% unknown %
Krust-O-Meter Bonus-% 4 %
Daily Income Cash 120 000 - Cash 210 000; average: 168 000
Daily Tickets earned Krustylandticket 1 600 - Krustylandticket 1 900; average: 1 540
Daily Experience earned XP 38 000 - XP 47 000; average: 40 600
Daily Increase Friendpoints 240 - Friendpoints 720; average: 610
Daily Income (Winter 2015 Event) Pacifiers Currency Icon average: 2 000
Daily Income (Burns' Casino 2016 Event) Casino Red Chip average: 10 000
Daily Income (Burns' Casino 2016 Event) Club Card Points Icon average: 210
Total Characters some 100 entries in the town hall register
Premium Characters Rich Texan, Disco Stu, Miss Springfield, Otto, Prof Frink, Jasper, Blue Haired Lawyer, Squ. Voice Teen, Bumblebee Man, Kearney, Hans Moleman, Drederick Tatum
Total Costumes unknown
Donuts owned Donuts 222
Real money spent for buying Donuts ≈ 25 EUR which is ≈ 27 USD
Springfield Land Expansion unknown
Krustyland Land Expansion unknown
Springfield Heights Land Expansion unknown
Number of Wailing Wall WailingWall 8 (for Brains Currency Icon250 each)
Number of Spooky Wall SpookyWall 2 (for Snake Eggs Currency Icon200 each)
First Cash 10 000 000 on Hand August 3, 2016
Maximum Cash on Hand Cash see above
First Krustylandticket 100 000 on Hand Feb 24, 2016
First Krustylandticket 200 000 on Hand Apr 29, 2016
First Krustylandticket 1 000 000 on Hand not yet
Maximum Tickets on Hand Krustylandticket see above (presently, I do not exchange into Cash any more)
Maximum Donuts from visiting Neighbors Donuts none

Credits: I have taken the present table from FauxCerfs user profile because I like the way his table is formatted. I revised the source code in order to enter my data, took some ideas from NoWay and finally added some lines. I assume they agree to my stealing their formatting...

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