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  • I was born on December 8

Merry Xmas, <insert name here>...!

Hi, I started playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out at the beginning on January 2014 and I got addicted to playing this game. :)

I'm from near Montréal (±20km north of), Québec, so english isn't my first language. I don't mind (and I appeciated it) if you correct me when I make a mistake or error in spelling or grammar, but don't get angry or upset about it.

I also don't mind if you send me an ingame friend's request, even if I always have 100 friends. I accept every request as long as you stay active. I'm managing a list with friend's request to be able to accept them in order, currently have 7 on that list.

On June 9th, 2015, I was named as an Administrators and I'm the one, with NoWayThisUsernameIsAlreadyOwnedBySomeone, that currently create the new pages following the new Events, Expansions, Promotionals and Levels Updates.

Game Stats

Origin Username FauxCerf
Stats Last Updated December 29th, 2015
Cash Balance Cash 702 856 953
Real Estate Value Points Real Estate Indicator 1 608 025 000
Ticket Balance Krustylandticket 1 188 843
Level XP Level 60
Bonus Levels (Leveling up) 32
Friend Point Level Completed 19 (max level)
Conform-O-Meter Bonus-% 1673.45 %
XP Bonus-% 162.00 %
Krust-O-Meter Bonus-% 5 %
Daily Income Cash6 000 000 - Cash8 000 000
Total Characters All of them
Total Costumes All of them
Springfield Land Expansion Completed
Krustyland Land Expansion Completed
Springfield Heights Land Expansion Completed
Number of Jet Engine Bike Jet Engine Bike Menu 425
Number of Tennis Court Tennis Court Menu 2+50 (50 for Gold Awards Indicator10 each)
Number of Oktoberfest Gate Oktoberfest Gate Menu 100
Number of Wailing Wall WailingWall 77 (for Brains Currency Icon250 each)
Number of Spooky Wall SpookyWall 103 (for Snake Eggs Currency Icon200 each)
First Cash 1 000 000 on Hand May 3rd, 2014
First Cash 100 000 000 on Hand July 26th, 2015
First Cash 250 000 000 on Hand October 4th, 2015
First Cash 500 000 000 on Hand November 22nd, 2015
Maximum Cash on Hand Cash 702 856 953
First Krustylandticket 1 000 000 on Hand October 19th, 2015
Maximum Ticket on Hand Krustylandticket 1 188 843
Maximum Donuts from visiting Neighbors Donuts 5
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