• I live in San Antonio, TX

I'm an almost-40-year old married guy from San Antonio, TX, although sometime in the next year or so my family will be moving to the cold state of Washington.  One of the bilingual Texans that doesn't speak Spanish.  Just one of the many ways I'm unconventional.

I started Tapped Out in May 2014, just before the Stonecutters event.  My tablet crashed in Oct 2014.  Restarted again late September 2015, this time with an Origin ID.  Hit Max level (59) for the first time on January 6, 2016.  Then discovered the whole bonus level stuff.  Figured I'd put my stats up for people that are interested, and for looking back myself.

Origin ID DrewDougie
Stats Updated 6 Jan 2016
Level 59
Bonus Levels 0
Friend Point Complete 11, Just got Mr. Teeny
Current Conform-O-Meter 3.5 stars
Total Cash / XP Bonus 59.50% (Not sure where all from, but I have 60+ Spooky Wall)
Current Cash Cash 411,044
Current Level Quest Progression Level 55, Saving to buy Woosterfield Hotel
Money Mountain Level 6
Squidport Just missing Bloaters at the Squidport Freemium, no Premium stuff
Krustyland On The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 28
Krust-O-Meter 3 stars
Current Tickets Krustylandticket 18371
Springfield Heights Real Estate Indicator 131,266,500
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