aka David

  • I live in Spain
  • I was born on February 9
  • My occupation is Tapper
  • I am Male

Playing Tapped Out, editing the wiki and writing articles in Spanish. Add me in TSTO: DavidSSIII

Game StatsEdit

Playing the game March 2014 - Present
Experience Level 55
Friend Point Level 20
Origin Friends Not maxed out yet
Origin Username DavidSSIII
Most Recent Building Crazy Cat House
Most Recent Character Crazy Cat Lady
Most Recent Costume Crazy Iguana Lady
Conform-O-Meter Bonus 25.90%
Krust-O-Meter Bonus 5%
Real Estate Value Points Real Estate Indicator160M
Springfield Land Expansions Land ? / 391
Beach 4 / 23
Ocean 10 / 46
Springfield Heighs Land Expansions Land 31 / 48
Beach 4 / 6
Ocean 10 / 14
Krustyland Land Expansions 42 / 100
Boardwalk Sections 90 / 201
Pier Sections 19 / 76
Stats Last Updated November 7, 2016


Total 54

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Total 3

Fit Milhouse Icon Cool Lisa Icon All-American Apu Icon

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