Hi I am a very active user, I like to change many factual errors that this wiki has, and get on the leaderboard (already done).

I also like Hay Day another great freemium games, however in these freemium games I spend less than $5 per month due to being a bit mean with money, unlike some players who spend >$100 per month on them, and also I like maths and I think maths is fun And yes for security reasons I am not saying my name although I can tell you it begins with C and is not 'censored'.

My info[edit | edit source]

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Template:User Leaderboard Money: about 200,000 Level: 40 Donuts: 0 Krustyland Tickets: usually <30,000 Origin username:Cowiki (based on my wikia username, but Cowiki124 was unnavailable when I changed my username)

Character list+Costumes[edit | edit source]

In order of obtaining, non-premium non limited time characters first, then non-premium limited time characters, then premium non-limited time characters and finally premium limited time characters

Homer, Lisa, Apu, Ned, Cletus, Krusty, Milhouse, Skinner, Willie, Mr Burns, Bart, Martin, Comic book guy, Reverend Lovejoy, Moe, Marge, The sea captain, Chief Wiggum, Luigi, Human Statue (accidental purchase), Snake Jailbird, Grandpa Simpson, Mayor Quimby Maude's ghost, Homer Strongman (costume), Sacagawea Lisa (costume) Clawing Zombie, Snarling Zombie, Frog prince, Kang, Mr. Plow (costume), Ebenezer Burns (costume), Yes Guy, Snow Monster, Christmas Racoon, Kumiko, Nearly every other limited time character via reddit "hack", Squeaky voiced teen, Nearly every other premium character via reddit "hack"; And many other characters

total: many

Other wikis I contribute to[edit | edit source]

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