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  • I live in a Tree somewhere on an Iceberg
  • I was born on February 16
  • I am a Porcupine


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Simpsons tapped out

This user owns Tapped out

Lisa simpson

This user favourite character is Lisa



Hey, my name is Blue12porcupine, I am 'Supreme Overlord Warrior of this wiki' and bringer of the Porcupine Apocalypse. I play tapped out a bit, not has much has I used to. I am on level 31 (I think) and I am saving up for something. I have 64 donuts from saving them up, I don't spend buy them. I am a rollback here and if you need any editing help please feel free to ask me. I also created the user boxes and still creating them, so if you have ideas tell me.


XPLevel 30

Playing the Game

Chrismas 2012 - present


Don't have an orgin account

Origin Username


Premium Characters and Buildings

None premuim buildings or characters, unless they were cash beforehand

Cash Balance


Donut Balance


Stats Last Updated

7 June, 2013

My favorite charactersEdit

  • Lisa Simpson- she clever and smart,
  • Ralph- hes weird and who doesn't like him
  • Ned- I would love to have him as a neiboor, he lends you everything you need and still puts up with you

Characters I want to be in the gameEdit

  • Bleeding Gums murphy (even though he dead)
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