I'm Bart Simpson, the Ninja, who the hell are you?

I do accept friend requests, but to people who contact me here. However, I don't really use this anymore due to the lack of prizes.

My username comes first from the fact that Bart is my favorite character. I love his personnality of doing pranks and mischief. For some reason, even the "no connection" screen is wanna make me love him. Second, I happen to have some interest into Ninjas. This is why, as a result, Bart being dressed up as a Ninja is really awesome to me. I hope it's gonna be one of his costumes in the game.

I'm a Freemium player because I can't pay for donuts unless I get my own way to do it. And using hacks wouldn't make me feel right or safe.

A few things to know about how I play the game:

  • I feel forced to give links to my town. I can't just put buildings randomly on the ground so I'll have their income and character. I must place them, then create a way to reach it. Additionally, once I put a building somewhere, it's hard for me to change it.
  • I don't really like farming, mostly because it's not something I could do for the reason I just said. Also, putting the same building has a bit of no sense to me. There's only one Kwik-E-Mart, with Apu being here, why would there be 100? Also, the Brown House appears unique to me because of how a lot of people use it, so I don't see why I would have several of these. Other buildings like Gulp 'N' Blow and Krusty Burger make sense to me, however. And I don't mind it if people do it.
  • I almost never send my characters on 24h jobs.

Game started in: Early February 2015.

My favorite costumes:

Bartman Clockwork Bart Unlock Daredevil Bart Unlock

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