Two Extra Eyes On Springfield is the second quest in level 38.


Quest Requirements Time Reward
Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 1 Make Brockman Find a Human Interest Piece 4h Cash100
Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 2 Make Brockman Snoop on Fellow Springfielders 5h Cash100
Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 3 Make Brockman Broadcast Internet Gossip as News 6h Cash100
Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 4 Make Citizens Protest (x15) 24h Cash100
Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 5 Make Citizens Storm Police Station (x15) 12h Cash100
Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 6 Make Quimby Give a Speech 60m Cash100
Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 7 Make Chief Wiggum Attend Court Hearing
Make Citizens Attend Court Hearing (x15)
Make Judge Snyder Preside Over a Court Session


Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 1Edit


Character Dialogue
Brockman Icon "My ratings are in a slump, and the network is threatening to replace me with one of the members of the Blue Man Group. I'm not sure which one, but nobody is."
Lisa Icon "Why don't you follow in the footsteps of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite and uphold the highest standard of journalism?"
Brockman Icon "Little girl, you've given me a great idea. I should tell my security to not let little girls into the building."
"I've got to get back to my roots - special interest pieces on the diverse and welcoming community that is Springfield."
"Now time to find some nut job whose depressing tale I can peddle for profits."


Character Dialogue
Brockman Icon "It seems someone forgot to sign out of this computer. But as a professional journalist, I'm above digging through someone's dirty laundry."
"Note to self: return Monty Burns' dirty laundry before he grows suspicious."
"Well, one click won't hurt!... AHHH! So many exotic photos of Chief Wiggum! Eew, the apple in his mouth was a poor choice."
"Wait, what's this Super Snooper thing?" *Gasp* "Wiggum has been spying on the whole town."

Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 2Edit

Character Dialogue
Brockman Icon "This 'spy' story could finally make me important enough to have a Wikipedia page that I didn't write. Or better yet, it could be used to spy me up an even better story!"
"That'll keep that blue man where he belongs - Vegas! And sometimes on tour!"

Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 3Edit


Character Dialogue
Brockman Icon "My job is saved thanks to all this government sanctioned dirt. Time for a tough choice."
"Take the boring stupid high road and report on Chief Wiggum spying."
"OR take the totally awesome low road full of winners and report on gossip.


Character Dialogue
Brockman Icon "I'm happy to report tonight's edition of "Eye on Springfield" won its time slot, beating out both tone bars and OFF."
"And now the actual news of the world will be scrolled on screen faster than the human eye can read."

Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 4Edit

Character Dialogue
Ned Icon "By the pitchforks and torch-o-reenos, I'm guessing there's an angry mob forming."
Marge Icon "I'm so furious at Brockman for spilling all our secrets, I almost can't cook this ham."
"Oh who am I kidding, I can cook a ham anywhere, anytime."
Ned Icon "And I feel so ashamed that everyone knows that I'm not left handed. I'm ambidextrous... with a preference for my left!" *sob*
"Well, I suppose mob justice is the good book's preferred form of justice. Hand me that baseball bat."
Jasper Icon "Finally! I knew I got a knife installed in this cane for a reason."
Marge Icon "No! If we riot, think of all that extra news Brockman will get to report. We've got to handle this in a way no one will care about - a peaceful protest!"

Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 5Edit


Character Dialogue
Marge Icon "Shame on you, Brockman. Think of the children. And all their terrible secrets you uncovered."
"Now that I say it aloud, shouldn't we be alarmed that all of our children have terrible secrets?"
Brockman Icon "But no one was watching my show. You had backed me into a wall with your lack of interest and my poor performance."
"What other choice did I have? My numbers were down! My only sponsors were Consolidated Lint and political ads for inmate elections."
"So I used Police Chief Wiggum's snooping software to find gossip."
Marge Icon "Wiggum was spying on the town?"
Jasper Icon "We have a police chief?
Moe Icon "Can we please riot now?"
Marge Icon "You know what? I'm going to not say no."


Character Dialogue
Wiggum Icon "Quimby! Help! Brockman told the town about the Super Snooper. And they're trying to break down the door! Luckily it's made of reinforced steel."
Quimby Icon "No it's not. I misappropriated those funds for the "Council to Get Miss Springfield Some Jewelry" which I had to form that time I forget her birthday."
Wiggum Icon "But the whole town's out for MY blood! We're on the cusp of a revolution!"
Quimby Icon "Just yours? Not mine? Well, that's okay then. Call if you have a real emergency."

Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 6Edit


Character Dialogue
Wiggum Icon "Mayor Quimby, I look like a pig and I squeal like a pig. If I go down, I'm taking you with me."
Quimby Icon "Twenty years of salary cuts and this is how you repay me?"
"Fine! I'll win them back just like I do every year with a confusing speech, a winning smile, and counting dead people as voters."
"Listen up everyone. I am sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for the entire sequence of events that has lead up to this point."
Moe Icon "Oh yeah? What's that then?!"
Quimby Icon "I have no idea. Which is why I'm forming a non-partisan committee to look into this."
"It will be composed of cheerleaders from professional sports teams, and will meet at sea on my government-purchased yacht."
Sea Captain Icon "Yar, finally a government body I can stand behind."


Character Dialogue
Lisa Icon "No, don't listen to him! He's just trying to divert our attention."
Quimby Icon "Oh no, a precocious little girl. Every politician's worst nightmare. Time to bail!"
"I er...think we can all agree that it was uh...all Wiggum's fault. Vote Quimby!"

Two Extra Eyes on Springfield Pt. 7Edit


Character Dialogue
Moe Icon "Time to roast this pig at the stake! Any last words, Wiggum?"
Wiggum Icon "I had a statement prepared, but I left the note cards in my police cut-offs."
Lisa Icon "Stop! We can't stoop to his level and break the law ourselves. We should challenge Wiggum's heinous trespasses in court!"
Moe Icon "Aw, nobody will let me use my pig-roasting spit - not the building association, not the health apartment, and now not even an angry mob."


Character Dialogue
Judge Snyder Icon "Now why did you all pull me out of my chambers? I was in the middle of a very important nap."
Lisa Icon "Chief Wiggum has publicly admitted to spying on the people of Springfield using a piece of dubious, government developed software."
Judge Snyder Icon "And...?"
Lisa Icon "Well, it's immoral, unethical, and unconscionable."
Judge Snyder Icon "None of those words are illegal. I'm not here to decide what's right or wrong."
Lisa Icon "That's exactly what you're supposed to do."
Judge Snyder Icon "Man, maybe I'm not cut out for this. And maybe I should stop doubting myself aloud while in the midst of a case."
"Either way, NOT GUILTY!"
"Now if you excuse me, I've got some soul searching to do..."
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