Turkey Talk is a limited time questline released on November 19, 2015, during the Thanksgiving 2015 Event.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Turkey Talk Tap Turkey - Cash100
Turkey Talk Too Make Homer Deep Fry and Eat Turkey 6s Cash100
King-Size Debate Make Springfield Adults Angrily Debate Turkey Prep (x4) 6s Cash100
King-Sized Judgement
Make Fatsos Apply to Judge the Turkey Contest (x3)
6s Cash100

Dialogue Edit

Turkey Talk Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Scared Icon "Lisa! A scary tiny dinosaur has escaped from the Springfield Jurassic Funstation."
Lisa Icon "I've told you a million times, Dad, "The Jurassic Funstation" is something you made up entirely in your head."
Homer Icon "You're the one who told me that dinosaurs are feathered, scaly bipeds. So what's that?"
Lisa Nagging Icon "A turkey."

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Horrified Icon "Aah! It turned into a drumstick."
Cecil Terwilliger Icon "It's the latest fantastic breakthrough from Monsarno labs! A turkey that turns itself into edible parts."
Cecil Terwilliger Icon "Like all our riskiest genetic modifications, it immediately escaped into the wild."
Lisa Shocked Icon "It’s an environmental catastrophe! What if they breed with wild turkeys?"
Homer Mouthfull Icon "... problem solved."

Turkey Talk Too Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Bart Icon "Whoa, Dad, you pulled out the deep fryer. Did the doctor warn you that your arteries might be de-plaquing?"
Homer Icon "Deep-frying is the best way to cook turkey. And potatoes. And twinkies."
Homer Thoughtful Icon "In fact, it’s the best way to cook everything but pork chops. "
Homer Serious Icon "There is no wrong way to cook pork chops."

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Dreamy Icon "Mmm, deep fried deliciousness. The only way a turkey should be made."
Ned Surprised Icon "No, you should bake it! God told us when he made Moses spend 40 years baking in the desert."
Everyone's got turkey on the brain. Stuff yourself with Thanksgiving content!
— In-Game Message

King-Size Debate Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Lou Icon "Chief, we got a mob fighting downtown. Seems they're arguing over the best way to cook a Thanksgiving turkey."
Wiggum Eyeswide Icon "I have strong opinions about that! Let's go join in!"
Lou Icon "No, no, we're the police. We're supposed to stop mob fights."
Wiggum Icon "You're just saying that because your turkey recipe sucks."
Lou Disappointed Icon "You don't even know my recipe. I have a great recipe!"
Wiggum Serious Icon "That's it. Police mob fight."

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Homer Annoyed Icon "Fry it!"
Ned Angry Icon "Bake it!"
Carl Surprised Icon "Roast it!"
Lenny Annoyed Icon "Grill it!"
Wiggum Eyeswide Icon "Did anyone say brining?"
Lou Annoyed Icon "Do you even know what brining is, Chief?"
Wiggum Icon "I know it's something you didn't say first. I call brining!"

King-Sized Judgement Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Quimby Angry Icon "Fellow citizens, we cannot let an argument about turkey preparation tear our town apart."
Quimby Icon "We must save our energy for more important issues, like what are the best side dishes."
Lenny Yay Icon "Cranberry!"
Quimby Icon "Yes, that's a good one. We shall determine the best turkey recipe with a fair contest -- the Springfield Fowl Face-Off. Everyone will submit a turkey sample for judging."
Lisa Icon "But who's going to be the judge?"
Quimby Icon "Good question. We need someone independent, wise, hungry, and married."
Lisa Curious Icon "Why married?"
Quimby Icon "So that he's stopped caring how fat he looks."

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Quimby Happy Icon "After reviewing hundreds of applications for a turkey contest judge, I've chosen the man I was going to choose anyway: Homer Simpson."
Marge Sad Icon "Homer, please don't be the judge of this turkey-malurkey."
Marge Sad Icon "I had a dream where you were dying with two turkey drumsticks stuffed up your nose."
Homer Icon "Only two? That does sound bad."

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