Stick me in your pipe and smoke it.
— Treestache's unlock message

Treestache is a limited-time premium NPC that was released on September 27, 2017, as part of The Serfsons Promotional. It is unlocked upon the placement of Treestache's Grove. Later it became a part of Treehouse of Horror XXVIII Event, it could be bought for Donuts60.

It returned on October 3, 2018 during the Treehouse of Horror XXIX Event as a possible prize in the Magical Mystery Box.

Releasing Prizes Edit

Captured and enchanted Treestache can be released from Treestache's Grove and after 4 hours, player gets:

  • Wands Icon 100, Goblin Gold Icon 20 (Act 1)
  • Fairy Dust Icon 100, Goblin Gold Icon 40 (Act 2)
  • Toad Princes Icon 100, Goblin Gold Icon 80 (Act 3)

and one of these three decorations:

These decorations are not unique, player can obtain them repetedly.

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