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Treehugger Lisa (questline) is a questline released on February 17, 2016, after unlocking Lisa's Treehugger Lisa costume.

Quest Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
Treehugger Lisa Pt. 1 Make Mr. Burns Regret Having Purchased Lampwick 60m Cash100
Mr. Burns
Treehugger Lisa Pt. 2 Make Treehugger Lisa Chain Herself to the Redwood 4h Cash100
Treehugger Lisa Pt. 3 Make Former Tree Supporters* Support the Gated Community (x4) 3h Cash100
Treehugger Lisa Pt. 4 Make Lisa Question Her Sanity Taking Advice From Gil 2h Cash100
Treehugger Lisa Pt. 5 Make Krusty Plan a Krusty Burger Next to the Proposed Site
Make Apu Plan a Kwik-E-Mart Next to the Proposed Site
Make Wiggum Try to Get a Lard Lad Donuts Next to the Proposed Site
Treehugger Lisa Pt. 6 Place Woodchipper
Place Second Woodchipper
Mr. Burns

* Characters: Barney, Blue Haired Lawyer, Dr. Hibbert, Milhouse, Otto, Quimby, Snake

Dialogue Edit

Treehugger Lisa Pt. 1 Edit

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Icon Well-played, little one. A bit of hardball to increase your bargaining position. How does an offer of $5,000 sound?
Treehugger Lisa Icon I'm not doing this for money.
Mr. Burns Icon It's like negotiating with Donald Trump, without the veiled threats to wipe out Islam. How about I add 20,000 donuts?
Treehugger Lisa Icon I don't want your filthy donuts! Besides, I already have all the premium characters. Except Lampwick. But really, who gives a crap about Lampwick?
Mr. Burns Icon Silly little girl. Everyone knows Lampwick's better than Blue Funzo.

Treehugger Lisa Pt. 2 Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Quimby Icon Young lady, you're standing in the way of progress!
Treehugger Lisa Icon Progress?
Quimby Icon My progress from living on a normal street to living somewhere where I don't have to interact with other human beings!
Treehugger Lisa Icon I'm not letting this tree be gated in.
Mr. Burns Icon Fine, you win. I won't gate in the tree.
Treehugger Lisa Icon Really?
Mr. Burns Icon Yep... You've made me realize there's a better way.
System Message Want to show Lisa the “better way”? The Wood Chipper is now available in the store.
Treehugger Lisa Icon You're going to chop it down? But trees are one of our most valuable resources! Just ask any scientist.
Professor Frink Icon She's right.This tree is a major breakthrough! Its girth is far beyond anything ever seen in a science fair project.
Which is why we must cut it down and look at its innards. Its rings will tell us something... although I forget what at the moment.

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Treehugger Lisa Icon Now that you see my resolve, you may as well give up.
Quimby Icon I'm a mayor, most of my job is rescheduling public construction projects.
How about we try every Tuesday 4:00 pm, or Friday at lunch?
Treehugger Lisa Icon But those are when two of my extra curricular activities are!
Skinner Icon Come on Lisa, you don't need those. You'll easily get into Vassar.
Treehugger Lisa Icon Ugghh!

Treehugger Lisa Pt. 3 Edit

Character Dialogue
Treehugger Lisa Icon I guess I have no choice but to turn to the forces of darkness... So, what's the plan?
Bart Icon I do find your methods inspiring. I think your plan needs just a little tweaking.
I told everyone there's a bald eagle nest up there. Psychological manipulation is beautiful!
Treehugger Lisa Icon My plan was NOT psychological manipulation!
Bart Icon I didn't say it was. As I said, I'm just tweaking your plan.
Quimby Icon Come on, accept the inevitable: the gated community will be built, new residents will move in, and I'll use the property tax revenue to fund a decadent weeklong party spree in Mykonos.
Treehugger Lisa Icon You might want to reconsider what side you're on. Because a lot of your constituents support this tree! Right guys?
Milhouse Icon ...
Snake Icon ...
Dr. Hibbert Icon ...
Treehugger Lisa Icon Wait, what happened? You all supported the tree!
Milhouse Icon Sorry, one of the daughters of a prospective resident made me a vague, noncommittal romantic offer if I supported the gated community.
Snake Icon And Mr. Burns said he could use my criminal skills in his accounting department.
Dr. Hibbert Icon And I get to be the official supplier of botox and plastic surgery to the gated community.

Treehugger Lisa Pt. 4 Edit

Character Dialogue
Treehugger Lisa Icon I'm sorry, redwood tree. I should have never planted you again. Thanks to me, you're doomed to be gated or chopped up.
Gil Icon Not exactly! Gil Gunderson to the rescue!
Treehugger Lisa Icon Sorry, Gil, but I don't need any second-rate premium decorations at “sale” prices that are barely different than the original price.
Gil Icon I'm not selling anything! I'm here to help you defeat the rich people. Because as they say: if you can't join ‘em, beat ‘em!
Treehugger Lisa Icon How in the world are you gonna help me?
Gil Icon With over 10 years experience as a terrible real estate agent, I know a thing or two about what makes a property undesirable to buyers.

Treehugger Lisa Pt. 5 Edit

Character Dialogue
Treehugger Lisa Icon If you don't build another Krusty Burger here, I'll get my dad to never patronize Krusty Burger again.
Krusty Icon Fat chance! He's too lazy to go anywhere else.
Treehugger Lisa Icon Exactly. So I'll teach him how to order pizza delivery from his MyPad.
Krusty Icon *GULP*
System Message A Krusty Burger has been placed in your inventory.
Treehugger Lisa Icon If you don't build another Kwik-E-Mart here, I'll get Bart to boycott Squishees.
Apu Icon Without that revenue my kids would starve! You'd never be so cruel to innocent children.
Treehugger Lisa Icon First we have to save the trees. Then we can worry about children.
System Message A Kwik-E-Mart has been placed in your inventory.
Treehugger Lisa Icon If you don't tell Lard Lad to build another donut shop here, I'll--
Wiggum Icon Great idea!
Treehugger Lisa Icon How come they haven't started building Lard Lad Donuts yet?
Wiggum Icon I over-estimated my ability to force people to do things at gunpoint.

Treehugger Lisa Pt. 6 Edit

Character Dialogue
Mr. Burns Icon Curse you! By building these riff-raff attracting establishments, you've caused all but one of the prospective home buyers to pull their offers!
The Rich Texan Icon And I'd pull my offer but he won't take my calls.
Mr. Burns Icon You can have your stupid tree back. Enjoy hanging out there with all the burger eaters, slushie sippers, and donut snarfers. Ewwwww.
Squeaky Voice Teen Icon Excuse me, I have a wood chipper delivery for a “Mr. Burns.”
Mr. Burns Icon Return it. No longer needed.
Fat Tony Icon No wait! I'll take it!
Don Vittorio Icon Tony, I've got a new job for you.
Fat Tony Icon In that case, I'll take two!
Fat Tony Icon Now I've got one for Legs AND one for Louie.
Legs Icon How's that, boss?
Fat Tony Icon Nevermind.

Gallery Edit

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