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Treehouse of Horror XXV
Treehouse of Horror XXV

October 7, 2014 - November 12, 2014

The Treehouse of Horror XXV Event was the 11th major event and the 3rd of the Treehouse of Horror events since the game's release. It was released on October 7, 2014, immediately following the end of the Clash of Clones 2014 Event. The Event was unique in that it had three different parts with a different prize track for each part. Each part was only available for twelve days.

Screenshot 2014-10-08-00-52-46 kindlephoto-26629759.jpg

The main quest for this Event was Free Hugs, the quest continued with The Whole Truth after the second set of prizes were unlocked and Alienation with the third set.

This Event also brought an update to the store. The new menu was much larger than the previous one. Clicking on the Characters, Buildings or Decorations section opens and reacts like before where players can slide it right and left to view items. A new way of sorting was also added with 3 icons: character, buildings and decorations. The Character icon showed any character that has not been unlocked; these include both individual characters and ones that come with buildings. The Buildings icon included businesses, houses, civic, and aspirational. The Decorations icon included land & roads, nature, walls, and leisure. The new store also recommended purchases, featuring items that would complete quests or the game just "randomly thought you might like this."

Each part of the event had its own currency: Probes, Ray Guns, and Long Protein Strings. Once a new currency was released, the prizes from the previous currency would be available by crafting. Each currency was available for twelve days starting from October 7th through the end of the event, with the exception of the Protein Strands which, once implemented, remained until the end of the event.

The player could also receive Ammo which was used in friends' towns to shoot down UFOs which the player received rewards from. Ammo is obtainable through Treat Bags, could be bought in the store, or received from the Ray Gun.

A leaderboard system was put in place. This gave players points based on how many Grem-Aliens players caught in their own towns as well as how many they placed in neighbors' towns. Each Grem-Alien players squished earned 15 points. Each one players placed in a friend's town earned 10 points, and if the friend didn't squish it within 4 hours players got an additional 20 points. If they did squish it in time, the friend got 15 points. The leaderboard could also be used to travel to other towns by clicking on the player's origin name.

This event added the ability to place the decorations from the Clash of Clones Event in Krustyland.

New Content

All of the new content released with the Event. Note that some of the prizes listed may not be available again once the Event is over.


Name Cost/How to Unlock
Drive-In Theater Donuts150
Make-a-Thing Workshop Cash2000
Portal to Rigel 7 Donuts100
Rigellian Tribal Hut Candycorn.png300, Chocolatebar.png50, Pumpkin.png50
Spooky House Brokenfence.png300, Gummybear.png100, Chocolatebar.png50


Name Cost/Unlocked at
Bulldozer-saurus Raygun.png2825 OR Rottenegg.png500, Gummybear.png500, Pumpkin.png300
Hugo Simpson Brokenfence.png300, Rottenegg.png300, Candycorn.png250
Mutant Peacock Probe.png3250 OR Rottenegg.png500, Gummybear.png500, Pumpkin.png300
Space Mutant Drive-In Theater


Name Cost
Rigellian Hunting License Donuts90
5 Ammo Donuts15
Grem-Alien Egg Donuts1
5 Grem-Alien Eggs Donuts3
10 Grem-Alien Eggs Donuts5
25 Grem-Alien Eggs Donuts10
Bronze Treat Bag Donuts3
Silver Treat Bag Donuts4
Gold Treat Bag Donuts6
Bundle of 5 Gold Treat Bags Donuts25
Bundle of 7 Silver Treat Bags Donuts25
Bundle of 10 Bronze Treat Bags Donuts25
5 Nails * Donuts20
100 Pumpkins * Donuts45
100 Chocolates * Donuts45
100 Candy Corn * Donuts18
100 Gummy Bears * Donuts18

*Only available for purchase on Weekends.


Name Character Cost/Unlocked at
Moog Moe Szyslak Clock-Work in Progress
U.B.O. Mr. Burns Proteinstrand.png14900


Name Cost
Diet Sign Proteinstrand.png6000
Donut Torture Device Probe.png8050 OR Brokenfence.png200, Candycorn.png500, Chocolatebar.png500
Ghost Pirate Airship Donuts250
Grand Pumpkin Chocolatebar.png350, Gummybear.png400, Pumpkin.png300
Hover-Copter Raygun.png7100 OR Brokenfence.png200, Candycorn.png500, Chocolatebar.png500
Human Test Subject Brokenfence.png100, Gummybear.png100, Chocolatebar.png50
Rigellian Shrub Brokenfence.png50, Candycorn.png25, Pumpkin.png20
Teleporters Alpha and Omega Donuts50
Tentacle Tree Donuts18

Returning Content

Bundled Content

For players who didn't own some or any of the returning content, some items were bundled together to make them cheaper for the player to buy.

Bundle Cost
Ancient Burial Ground + Shuffling Zombie Donuts60
Bad Dream House + The Raven Donuts100
Devil Flanders + Heck House Donuts120
Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop + Maude's Ghost Donuts150
House of Evil + Talking Krusty Doll Donuts90
Mausoleum + Senile Zombie Donuts70
Pet Cemetery + Clawing Zombie Donuts50
Pet Cemetery + Snarling Zombie Donuts50
Pet Cemetery + Clawing Zombie + Snarling Zombie Donuts90
Springfield Cemetery + Crazy Zombie Donuts80
Victorian UFO + Number 51 Donuts120

Personal Prizes

Part One

Prize Probes to Collect
Silver Treat Bag Probe.png325
Gold Treat Bag Probe.png825
Silver Treat Bag Probe.png1150
Mutant Peacock Probe.png3250
Silver Treat Bag Probe.png3575
Gold Treat Bag Probe.png4075
Silver Treat Bag Probe.png4400
Gold Treat Bag Probe.png4900
Gold Treat Bag Probe.png5400
Donut Torture Device Probe.png8050
Silver Treat Bag Every Additional Probe.png750

Part Two

Prize Ray Guns to Collect
Silver Treat Bag Raygun.png300
Gold Treat Bag Raygun.png775
Silver Treat Bag Raygun.png1075
Bulldozer-saurus Raygun.png2825
Silver Treat Bag Raygun.png3125
Gold Treat Bag Raygun.png3600
Silver Treat Bag Raygun.png3900
Gold Treat Bag Raygun.png4375
Gold Treat Bag Raygun.png4850
Hover-Copter Raygun.png7100
Silver Treat Bag Every Additional Raygun.png500

Part Three

Prize Long Protein Strings to Collect
Silver Treat Bag Proteinstrand.png650
Gold Treat Bag Proteinstrand.png1600
Silver Treat Bag Proteinstrand.png2250
Diet Sign Proteinstrand.png6000
Silver Treat Bag Proteinstrand.png6650
Gold Treat Bag Proteinstrand.png7600
Silver Treat Bag Proteinstrand.png8250
Gold Treat Bag Proteinstrand.png9200
Gold Treat Bag Proteinstrand.png10150
U.B.O. Proteinstrand.png14900
Silver Treat Bag Every Additional Proteinstrand.png1000

Crafted Prizes

A new feature added in the Event was the ability to craft prizes through a separate kind of currency. These items could be obtained mainly by sending kids (Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, etc.) on tasks to get Treat Bags that contain these items. Treat Bags could also be obtained randomly when squishing Rigellians, shooting down UFOs (which sometimes gave a quantity of a crafting item or 50 of the current Prize Track currency), or once a day from the Spooky House. Prizes could be crafted at the Make-a-Thing Workshop.

Prize Need to Collect
Bulldozer-saurus* Rottenegg.png500, Gummybear.png500, Pumpkin.png300
Donut Torture Device* Brokenfence.png200, Candycorn.png500, Chocolatebar.png500
Gold Treat Bag Rottenegg.png50, Brokenfence.png50
Grand Pumpkin
Pumpkin House
Chocolatebar.png350, Gummybear.png400, Pumpkin.png300
Rottenegg.png300, Candycorn.png300, Pumpkin.png50
Hover-Copter Brokenfence.png200, Candycorn.png500, Chocolatebar.png500
Hugo Simpson
Spooky House
Brokenfence.png300, Rottenegg.png300, Candycorn.png250
Brokenfence.png300, Gummybear.png100, Chocolatebar.png50
Human Test Subject Brokenfence.png100, Gummybear.png100, Chocolatebar.png50
Mutant Peacock* Rottenegg.png500, Gummybear.png500, Pumpkin.png300
Rigellian Shrub Brokenfence.png50, Candycorn.png25, Pumpkin.png20
Rigellian Queen
Rigellian Tribal Hut
Brokenfence.png400, Rottenegg.png400, Gummybear.png300
Candycorn.png300, Chocolatebar.png50, Pumpkin.png50
Spooky Wall Rottenegg.png20, Candycorn.png25, Pumpkin.png10

*Will only appear if it wasn't obtained when the respective currency for the items were available.


The following poll was open during the event, 3586 wikia users voted. What do you think of this event?

Best Event Ever 168 votes
I like it a lot 723 votes
It's fine, I'm just glad Clash of Clones is done with 2261 votes
It could be better 380 votes
Worst Event Ever 64 votes
Total Votes 3586 votes


Character Dialogue
Krusty Icon.png "I don't care who you are, you still have to pay admission if you want to be in Krustyland..."
"... and if you're going to abduct anyone, take people who look broke."
Kang Icon.png "You're lucky that I need some R&R, this invasion is playing havoc with my social anxiety."
"I will concede to your demands, puny Earthling, but I refuse to pay $5 for a small soda."

Trick or Treat Costumes

During the event, kids and Marge the Witch could go trick or treating for Treat Bags. During the past two Treehouse of Horror events, only Lisa, Bart, Milhouse, Nelson, Martin, and Marge the Witch could do this task. Non-premium characters took eight hours and would receive either a bronze, silver or gold treat bag upon completion. Premium characters took sixteen hours and would receive either a silver or gold treat bag upon completion. However, these costumes are not permanent outfits for the characters. Database, Uter, and Greta could also earn treat bags but their tasks were not visual.

Alien Attacks

During the event, Rigellians that roamed around player's towns could attack characters who were either doing a visual task or had no task. The aliens took over the character and morphed into the characters likeness. The following characters could be infested:


  • This is the first event to feature Non-Simpson family members in the splashscreen.
  • During the event rivers became dark green, (similar to the XXIV event) and tentacles randomly popped out.
  • Trees took on an autumn appearance turning yellow, light orange, dark orange, or bare, depending on their type. Leaves would fly across the screen as if blown by the wind.
  • The screen became dark in the corners, similar to vintage photos or movies.
  • The XP bar turned purple for those still leveling up, for those who have hit the Level Cap at least once, the XP bar turned green.
  • The usual music was replaced with spooky theremin music similar to the theme from "The Day the Earth Stood Still".
  • The Visitors in your Krustyland (the ones you collect Krustyland Tickets from every 4 hours) turned into Aliens during the Event.
  • The Daily Play Combo gave out Treat Bags instead of Cash or a Mystery Box (discontinued).
  • Kodos flew around towns that did not have the Ray Gun, similar to past Events.
  • The Rotten Eggs featured in the Event were re-textured versions of the Pink Eggs from the Easter 2014 Event.



Treehouse of Horror XXV Trailer


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