Treehouse of Horror XXVI Promotional is the twenty-fourth promotional for The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It was released on October 21, 2015. It ended on October 26th but players had until November 26 to complete the quest.

Episode synopsis

Treehouse of Horror XXVI is an upcoming episode of Season 27. In one of the segments of the episode, Sideshow Bob will kill Bart, only to not know what to do with himself after completing his mission in this segment "Wanted: Dead, Then Alive".

Other segments include "Homerzilla", a parody of Godzilla and finally the kids get superpowers in "Telepaths of Glory", Where the Simpsons kids gets superpowers based on their intelligence.

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New Content


Name Cost How to Unlock Available
Bob's Victorian House Donuts 100 Ghouls and Gluttons Pt. 1 Whole Promotional


Name Cost How to Unlock Available
Ancient Ornamental Pond Cash 2500 Ghouls and Gluttons Pt. 1 Whole Promotional

Returning Content


Name Cost Available
Ghost Pirate Airship Donuts 250 October 23rd - October 25th

Promotional Images




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