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Cash100, Cash220, Cash385,
Cash595, Cash135, Cash270,
Cash450, Cash675, Krustylandticket125

Level unlocked

3, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 21 (in Krustyland)





Conform-O-Meter Impact

Tree-hugging: +40, +70, +100, +130, +50, +80, +110, +140

Krust-O-Meter Impact

Kitsch: +10


Green Thumb

Trees are the most common form of natural-type decorations. There are four types: oak tree, pine tree, palm tree and Squidport tree, each with varying colours, all of which are a convenient size of 2x2 (except Squidport one which is 1x1). Trees are also the easiest way to raise your Tree-hugging rating on your Conform-O-Meter, the second being to use Shrubs.Throughout the winter and autumn, its display changes to bare and wintery respectively.

There are also special types of premium trees, such as the Apple TreeOrange Tree and Tree Swing. The Lemon Tree can also be acquired, but only from winning it in a Mystery Box (discontinued). In both Christmas events, all of the trees lost their leaves except for pine trees. In the Squidport Update, a tree was added that can be placed both on Boardwalk Sections and on land, the Boardwalk Tree. It's in a pink pot, has a size of 1x1 and costs 385 Cash.

In the Krustyland update, a new tree was added - a palm fan tree. It can be placed in the player's Krustyland and also in Springfield, but only in the beach area adjecent to the ocean. The palm fan tree costs $675 in to place in your Springfield, but you must be at least Level 21 and have completed The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt.8 quest. The palm fan tree costs 125 Krustyland Tickets like the rest of the Krustyland Trees when placed in Krustyland. This tree doesn't raise the players tree hugging rating when placed in Springfield like the other trees. It instead raises the players vanity rating, which is most likely because it is more of a decorative tree compared to the more natural looking ones.

Jobs Involved Edit

Regular Jobs

Fire Chief Moe

  • Rescue Cats From Trees - 4h

Grant Connor

  • Hunt to Extinction - 12h

Gravedigger Billy

  • Dig Holes For No Reason - 8h


  • Read a Book - 45s


  • Go Bird Watching - 24h

Quest Based Jobs

Gabbo and Arthur

  • Help Cats Stuck in Trees - 24h

Limited Time

Nelson Muntz

  • Raid Bird Nests - 16h

Tree TypesEdit


Treehouse of Horror XXIV EventEdit

For the Treehouse of Horror XXIV Event, the two types of oak tree in the game had their leaves stripped.

Christmas 2013 EventEdit

For the Christmas 2013 Event, the oak trees had their leaves stripped. Some trees were decorated.

Easter 2014 EventEdit

Treehouse of Horror XXVEdit


  • It is the decoration with the most types.
  • During the Treehouse of Horror XXIV Event, the trees had no leaves.
  • During the Christmas 2013 Event, the trees had no leaves, and some were decorated with Christmas-themed lights of different colors. Others didn't have any decoration.
  • During the Easter 2014 Event, the trees were decorated with crepe paper.
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