The Town landing point is the point in the player's Springfield where the screen of the game is located after the game is started, or when the player returns from Krustyland or from visiting friends.

Also, friends visiting a town will first see the surroundings of the Town landing point. In order to make tapping easier for friends, therefore, it is recommended to place buildings which can be tapped (e.g. a Brown House) near the Town landing point. Correspondingly, if the player wants to avoid being vandalized, buildings which friends can spray on (e.g. Springfield Elementary or Moe's Tavern) should be kept far away from the Town landing point.

Presently, the Town landing point appears to be the Springfield Heights Tunnel which links Springfield and the Springfield Heights. It is believed that for players which do not have the tunnel activated yet, the Town landing point is the so-called "Square One" where, initially, the Simpson House is placed during the very first quest.


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