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To Catch a Cougar is the second questline for the Level 54 content update that was released on June 17, 2015. In order to complete it, the Player needs Jimbo, otherwise it stops once Seething Sisters is built.


Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
To Catch a Cougar Pt. 1 Reach Level 54 and complete the Quest A Woman's Work Pt. 3
Build Seething Sisters
Cash100, Experience10 Dolph
To Catch a Cougar Pt. 2 Make Ruth Wield Pepper Spray
Make Jimbo Run and Hide
Cash100, Experience10 Jimbo
To Catch a Cougar Pt. 3 Place Mr. Powers Car
Make Jimbo Tune Up Ruth's Car
Cash100, Experience10 Jimbo


To Catch a Cougar Pt. 1[]

Character Dialogue
Dolph Icon.png "Hey, Jimbo, Laura Powers is back in town. Better get your kissing lips ready!"
Jimbo Icon.png "Whatever. I don't got time for teenage girls now that I got a job as a gas station attendant."
Dolph Icon.png "Is that a good place to pick up older women?"
Jimbo Icon.png "They need gas. You have gas. When you give it to them, they feel safe and protected."
Dolph Icon.png "Wow, you have the sexiest job in the world."
Jimbo Smug Icon.png "And I get all the free beef jerky I can steal."
Dolph Icon.png "Whoa, it's like I'm friends with James Bond."


Get Jimbo and see if he's got what it takes to impress an older woman!
— In-Game Message

To Catch a Cougar Pt. 2[]

Character Dialogue
Jimbo Smug Icon.png "So what's a woman like you doing at a gas station like this?"
Ruth Powers Annoyed Icon.png "I need gas."
Jimbo Smug Icon.png "We all need something, sweetheart."
Ruth Powers Annoyed Icon.png "I'm not afraid to pepper spray you."
Jimbo Worried Icon.png "Bye ma'am."

To Catch a Cougar Pt. 3[]

Character Dialogue
Dolph Angry Icon.png "Quit hogging all the gas station hotties. Remember what we learned in school about sharing?"
Jimbo Icon.png "No. Besides, you're not ready for these mature ladies."
Dolph Icon.png "Come on. Can't I even have your rejects?"
Nelson Icon.png "Yeah, and I'll take Dolph's rejects! Like the one's with weird butts."
Dolph Icon.png "What the hell's a weird butt?"
Jimbo Sad Icon.png "Uh, yeah... I haven't picked up any rejects yet."
Nelson Icon.png "Haw haw, you haven't picked up any women."
Jimbo Icon.png "Shut up, you guys."
Ruth Powers Happy Icon.png "Hey guys. Did Jimbo here tell you he tuned my engine like nobody else?"
Dolph Surprised Icon.png "Wha-? No way!"
Jimbo Smug Icon.png "Thanks for covering for me, Ruth."
Ruth Powers Icon.png "No problem. You can make it up to me by tuning the engine on my car for real."