• Your comment says that you ordered the table, but by what? It looks just as random to me as what it was before...

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    • Perfomred by.  No one at top, named people, character groups at the bottom.  

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    • How helpful is that, especially since the named people include lists of several people like an unnamed character group? How about sorting by time instead, or just alphabetically by task name?

      My first thought was actually to sort them by reward, but with the mix of money and donuts, that falls apart quickly.

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    • I ordered:
      1st - General tasks that don't require sending anyone to a job, with Krustyland ones at the end;
      2nd - Springfield Heights crafting tasks, ordered the same way as these currencies are unlocked;
      3rd - Tasks done by only one character, ordered by the level which the character is unlocked (Homer-->Lisa-->Ned,etc). If there are two tasks with the same character they are ordered by time;
      4th - Tasks that require group collections, with no specific order yet.
      The point is to be easy to find the challenges, as to me it doesn't make sense putting for example Ads at the beginning of the table then at the end put the Pharmaceuticals, like you suggested.

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