• Bonjour FauxCerf,
    je me suis permis de voler ta table! Since I am too stupid to do the formatting of a game statistics table (or any table, to be honest) with the Wikia editor, I have allowed myself to steal the source code of your table (you know: daily income, level, number of friends, characters owned etc.), to copy it into my "Irgendeiner" profile, to slightly mix it with source code stolen from NoWay's table, to zero all game values, to even add some more lines (e.g. "real money spent for buying donuts") and to enter my own values. Somehow I am better editing source code than using the strange "VisualEditor" of Wikia. Bien sur, I have given you credit for that below my profile table!

    Salutations et "Servus" de Munich...

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