• I've been working on buying along the beach of springfield and I was wondering since the event destination Springfield, has there been anymore land added since then cause according to through map I have one more beach expansion to buy for 600,000 cash. The last event I played in 2017 is homerpalooza. I gstarted playing again during the 2019 Christmas event.

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    • I think the last time new land was released was in February last year. The new land expansions now costs free land tokens instead of cash and land tokens have stopped being offered in events so the only way to get free land tokens is through 2 ways: 1) From daily challenges in which the reward for completing a number of DCs is either donuts, a mystery box or a land token.

      2) Golden Goose Realty gives out 1 free land token every 12 hours and it is currently available in the Black History 2020 Event, however, GGR leaves the store with the event in 4 days (March 12th) so you should buy it now while its available as long as you have 150 donuts to purchase it.

      The 2nd way is much more easier and effective to get free land tokens since relying on daily challenges to give out a token can take months just for one to appear then the rest of the time the number of daily challenges completed reward will be donuts and mystery boxes.

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