• I've seen you often upload screenshots as JPEG, which has lossy compression. Can you use PNG instead? It uses a lossless compression algorithm which results in better image quality.

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    • Hi NoWay, sorry I didn't see your message until today since I haven't been around much. I didn't realise that the type of file name at the end made such a big difference. I only used the JPEGs for screenshots from my own game. I noticed that some of my unlock screens you reuploaded on them using the PNG tags which I think is what you want me to change to since they are more important.

      Would you prefer it if I used the PNG format for every image I upload on here or is it mainly for more vital images like the item images, characters unlocks and screens?

      I only used the JPEG tags on character tasks, items in placed in my game and item animations that are not as important as the unlock screens which I can change to PNGs in the future if it would be better.

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    • Don't worry, that's what I thought. I reckon a lot of people don't know about the difference.

      I think there is no real reason not to use PNG if you have the choice. Usually the file size difference is not very big anyway. The only situation where it makes sense to upload as JPEG is when the source is already in that format. For example the 1024px app icons that I upload for events are pulled directly from ITunes. There they are only available in JPEG format in the first place. So I leave then a JPEG. Converting to PNG will not magically improve quality and it only creates a false impression.

      Yeah, I remember replacing some unlock screens, but I don't quit know my reason for it anymore. I think I just had them lying around and they were higher resolution or something. I also remember replacing some unlock screens that were blurry for some reason, don't know whom they were uploaded by though.

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