• hey, could you or one of the other admins please upload dialogue, sidebar, and menu icons for the following characters? i've entered the file names into their affiliated quest pages, so if you could match them up with those, that'd be awesome. thanks.

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    • I told you before that NowayThisUsernameIsAlreadyOwnedBySomeone will have them. He will probably upload them eventually when he has some free time because he can be busy with his life to not be as active on here (I think he tries to go on here at least once a week) and I can also be busy with my life and commitments which is why I'm usually on here once a day doing the prizes pages then the premiums (which I see you already done act 1 within the first 2 days of the event).

      They are also not a high priority for him and the wiki at the moment because there's an event going on and no one really asks about them so there isn't a demand of getting them done right away. I don't think many people check the quest pages since they're more likely to be looking at the items and event pages more often.

      I don't intend to offend you or anything but just to make you see things from another point of view. We do appreciate you helping out around here but there are other admins and users around as well like Baziczech and NoWay who usually helps with the quest pages with icons and sometimes the premium items while I mainly do the prizes and returning items, also this is a community wiki so anyone can contribute to it rather than a select few. I'm just saying these so you don't have to have a finger in every pie (by that I mean, doing everything on the wiki by yourself). Again I don't mean to offend or criticize you but you just don't have to try and get everything available done in the first few days because of the risks of mistakes and errors.

      I know I went off topic in the second half of this reply but I just wanted to express that there are other users that can help out as well but they not just as active as much especially since the gameplay style isn't very demanding on the wiki as it used to be.

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    • oh god i feel dumb right now. yeah, i remember our previous conversation. i was just wondering if you have personal contact outside of fandom since he/she doesn't log in that often. i meant to edit my comment on your wall to clarify that i'd reached out to noway a couple weeks ago, but i accidentally added it to noway's wall instead of yours. d'oh!

      personally, the dialogue is my favorite part of the game. hence, why you constantly will see me creating and making corrections on pages for it. i've uploaded icons in the past, but they always get replaced by the admins with better quality versions. so i don't bother doing it anymore. i'm guessing they have root access to the game files that are in much better quality than my screenshot versions and have transparent backgrounds as well. i've asked noway how to do this, but never got a response. if i could eventually figure out how to do that, i could contribute a lot more content in quicker time.

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    • Its fine, sorry if I seemed snappy or rude to you, I just wasn't 100% myself over this month which is why I haven't been as active as much over the last few weeks but I'm much better now.

      I personally don't always do the quests and dialogue pages for characters that much or right away because they can be tricky to keep note of without any external sources like blog sites or YouTube videos since some dialogues are really lengthy or the character icons can look so similar.

      I prefer to focus on the content side of the wiki than the quest which is why you see me mainly doing the premium and freemium content pages but I sometimes if a specific item (building or decoration) has some short dialogue or a quest with it then I will create a separate page for it or keep it on the item page. That is why you mostly would've seen quest pages created by Baziczech or NoWayIsThisUsernameIsAlreadyOwnedBySomeone since I leave them until last.

      I've only had access to the files for a little over a year now and getting the newest ones can take a while to receive which is why some quests, icons and dialogues can be missing for days and weeks into an event.

      If you don't mind me asking but can you let me do the pages on the prizes or freemium content in the future since they are ones that I like to put more time (and effort) into creating or adding to since the content side of the wiki is my favourite area to work on. I actually get a sense of enjoyment out of doing these pages fully like you do with the dialogue since I prefer to do a page fully rather than create it and add to it bit by bit until its complete though everyone has their own way to working.

      So if you are ok with stepping back from creating pages on the prizes and freemium content then I will be grateful. I get that you prefer to do things on here more quicker but I rather do them as I progress through the questline in my game (without using donuts) and have actually unlocked them all which usually takes me up to the weekend or a couple of days before the next act/week starts. I also aim to reply to comments more quicker within the same day, I'll make that one of my new years resolutions on here.

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    • oh yeah dude, definitely. you can have at it with the non-premium item pages. i do like to get content out as soon as possible for the viewers of this page, but i'll step back to give you a chance too. so you don't mind if i work on the premium items pages?

      i'm glad you're feeling better, but i wasn't bothered by it. i should've clarified that i was mainly trying to see if you had any means of passing on my message to noway outside of fandom via e-mail or something like that.

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