• for some weird reason, it appears that the icons for krusty's annoyed and happy icons have slightly changed. his angry icon no longer has a browed line on his forehead and the happy icon no longer has a crease line near his eye. could you please upload the new happy icon?

    also, can you please create a new name for the new annoyed icon rather than overwriting the old one, since it will effect all of the older articles that used the original in-game icon? plus, for all we know they might switch back to the old icons in the next event.

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    • Turns out these files weren't changed recently, but in the Thanksgiving 2018 Event. I have uploaded new versions of both the happy and annoyed icon now. There seem to have been some other icon changes in that event. I'll go over those later to see whether they still need to be updated on the wiki.

      I think overwriting the existing file is the correct thing to do here. If EA releases a new icon for a character the way they did, then it will be used in all quests that previously used the old one, i.e. if someone plays some low-level quest with Krusty, they would now the the updated icon as well. So having those pages automatically update by replacing the file is the easiest way to handle this.

      I know that EA has done similar icon updates in the past, I don't remember which specifically though. With that given and the fact that those icons have already been in for nearly a whole year, I'd say it is pretty unlikely that the Krusty icons change back now. Plus changing it back is as easy as uploading yet another version.

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    • oh wow, i didn't know the change went into effect that long ago. i wish i could test it out to see if you're right about old quests being affected, but i'm not sure if there's anything left in my yearbook mystery box that will involve krusty or not.

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    • Done now. I've uploaded several icons for Skinner and one for Rev. Lovejoy. There also were several more icon changes during that event, but those had already been uploaded to the wiki.

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