• Hi, last year I started to create new navboxes for each update (Content Update Navbox Templates). Thank you for using them too. There are 2 different kinds:

    • for minor events and updates, its just like {{Not Yet Spring Cleaning 2019 Event}},
    • for major events (and newly for multi-events), there's a parameter "selected" for chosing type of item, like {{Love, Springfieldian Style 2019 Event|selected=buildings}} (or characters, decorations, quests etc.)

    This year, starting with Not Yet Spring Cleaning 2019 Event, I started to disinclude not updated navboxes, e.g. Buildings, Decorations, Quests. I still use Currency navbox, because I keep it update.

    We've discussed it with NoWay here. What do you think?

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