• You start by getting the American Apu costume for free. Once Apu is freed up from all of his tasks u can send him on a 24 mission to gather fireworks. After that theres a 2 part quest that has Apu turn a profit for 12 hours while you Springfield Residents to buy fireworks (60 Min) x 15.Not all residents can purchase the fireworks. Some of the characters that Will buy Fireworks include: Homer, Bart, Lenny, Karl, Dr Hibbert, Krusty, Cletus, Chief Wiggum, Nelson, Rev Lovejoy, Otto, Comic Book Guy, Skinner, Duffman. After that quest you build Nighthawk Diner which gives you Rex banner. Its a Limited time building, that costs $15,000. and takes 24 hours to build. Banners first quest is The Rockets Red Glare Pt.5 which is to interrogate Flanders for 8 hours. I am not 100% sure but i think Flanders must be free to make this mission happen. After that Apu starts Rockets Red Glare Pt. 6. Its a 2 part, Make Apu Hide Liquor (4 hrs) and make Rex Stake out Kwik E Mart (12 hrs) which leads to Pt 7 a redo of the same two missions. Next Homer starts Pt. 8 which is a 2 part Make Rex Interrogate Flanders (8 hrs) and make Springfield Residents buy Fireworks (60 min) x 15. That's where i am up to now .. ill update the post when i make more progress.

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