This Old Mine is a premium side questline released on May 03, 2016, for the Wild West 2016 Event. It requires the Old Mine.

Quests Edit

Quest Requirements Time Reward Triggered By
This Old Mine Make Snake Dig for Artifacts 2h Cash100

Dialogue Edit

This Old Mine Edit

Start Edit

Character Dialogue
Snake Icon What a totally rad old mine! I bet there's some neat artifacts down there.
Snake Professor Icon I think I'll relive the glory days a bit and check it out!

End Edit

Character Dialogue
Snake Professor Icon Alright, time to like, see what I've got here.
Snake Professor Icon Some kind of time travel car from the 80's-
Snake Professor Icon -an android head, and pictures of cave-man graffiti.
Snake Professor Icon So lame! I don't regret my career change to professional criminal at all!
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