Things Unnecessary is a limited time building released with the Winter 2015 Event, where it was the place players crafted items using Bows and Baubles.

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Things Unnecessary is a store located at the Springfield Heights Promenade. It has a lot of merchandise that is unnecessary like the name suggests. The salesmen there are always trying to sell overpriced and outrageous objects to people who can’t afford them. Homer bought an Astrolabe from there once.

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Trivia Edit

  • When tapped on, the talking Astrolabe says: "It is 6:31 PM in Montreal. The moon is waxing tonight."
  • It had no purpose during Act 3 of the Winter 2015 Event since crafting ended with Act 2.
    • The Winter Event takedown update give it an income.
  • During the Christmas/Winter events, a wreath hangs above the door to the building. Before and after the Christmas/Winter events, it is not there.

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